The Fatso weed pressure was created by Colorado-based breeders Cannarado Genetics. It’s a potent THC-heavy hybrid that indica lovers are positive to understand. 

Its THC content material ranges from 20% to 26% on common, although many cultivators have examined ranges of as much as 31%.

At its lowest, its THC is reportedly nearer to 16%, however even then, it delivers a robust knockout excessive due to its indica-leaning traits. 

Sativa/Indica Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
30%/70% 1-2 ozft2 15-20 ozper plant 8-10 weeks

Its mother and father GMO Cookies (GMO or Garlic Cookies) and Legends OG require little introduction; each are thought-about movie star strains inside the business. 

No doubt Fatso, aka Fatso OG, is nicely on its strategy to attaining this similar star standing amongst cannabisseurs. But we wouldn’t count on something much less from a pressure whose genetics tie again to huge names like Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Chemdawg, and OG Kush.

The Cannarado Fatso pressure has a terpene profile as highly effective as its THC content material. Its dominant terpenes are myrcene, humulene, caryophyllene, linalool, and eucalyptol. 

This sturdy terpene profile greater than makes up for the minimal quantities of CBD, which maxes out at simply over 1%.

The terpenes, which include earth notes, spice, florals, herbs, and sage, are additionally chargeable for the engaging aroma and delectable style.

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Fatso Strain Information

ORIGIN GMO or Garlic Cookies) and Legends OG
EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Ground espresso, diesel, earth, recent herbs, garlic
FLAVORS Citrus, wooden, pine, garlic, chestnut, fuel
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes, purple eyes, droopy eyes, cottonmouth, nervousness, paranoia, panic assaults
THC CONTENT % 20%-26%
INDICA / SATIVA % 70%/30%
INDOOR YIELD 1-2 ozft2
OUTDOOR YIELD 15-20 ozper plant
smoking weed
Smoking Weed

Fatso Strain Effects

The Fatso weed pressure is a potent indica that’ll have you ever feeling like a Macy’s Day Parade balloon. Except as a substitute of helium, you’re stuffed with lead

. You’re inflated and pleased, buzzing with euphoric power – however you’re not going anyplace. 

That’s okay, although, since you’ll be too tranquil and cosy to wish to do a lot anyway.

With that in thoughts, it’s finest to clear your schedule when having fun with this one, because the excessive doesn’t simply hit exhausting – it lasts lengthy.

About so long as it could take to pull an enormous lead balloon by means of the Macy’s Day procession.

Fatso begins with an uplifted head-high that elevates focus, arousal, creativity, and temper earlier than settling right into a mellow euphoria that lulls the thoughts into snug bliss.

As the tingling buzz spreads out of your head by means of your physique, you’ll succumb to an awesome sense of rest till you’re one with the sofa. 

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Fatso affords a heavy dose of aid from bodily, psychological, and emotional burdens.

As Fatso works its method by means of the physique, it immediately soothes persistent ache, cramps, muscle spasms, stiff joints, nausea, arthritis, and basic bodily discomforts. 

Fatso works simply as successfully on the thoughts, easing racing and detrimental ideas, anxieties, and stress.

Fatso is nice as a nightcap to offer insomniacs the remaining they search, and even these with out sleep problems will expertise one of the best slumber of their lives. 

Fatso Strain Fragrance

The first whiff introduces a wealthy mixture of floor espresso, diesel, and earth. Shortly after, notes of wooden, recent herbs, and garlic come by means of, underlined with a contact of candy fruits and florals. 

The aroma, which is harsh however nice, hints on the flavors you’re about to get pleasure from. Overall, Fatso has that skunky however fascinating perfume synonymous with a real OG pressure.

Fatso Strain Flavor
Fatso Strain Flavor

Fatso Strain Flavors

Fatso has all of the makings of a scrumptious marijuana pressure between its terpenes and genetics. 

Unless you’re not a fan of roasted espresso, which dominates its taste profile. 

However, for those who’re the sort to get pleasure from a spicy vanilla latte, you’ll undoubtedly adore it, particularly the aftertaste, the place the vanilla actually shines.

Hints of garlic, chestnut, fuel, and skunk additionally come by means of, balanced out by refined notes of citrus, wooden, and pine to create a balanced heat, and refreshing mix of flavors.

Fatso Strain Adverse Reactions

We’ve already spoken concerning the body-melting results on this Fasto pressure assessment, however it might’t be stated sufficient. If you’re not a big fan of indicas or desire to keep up full limb performance from begin to end, this isn’t the weed for you. 

The identify Fatso needs to be a touch of the place the pressure lands when it comes to bodily exercise however, if that wasn’t clear sufficient – you’re virtually assured to grow to be couch-locked. 

And you don’t have to devour lots to make it occur. But since we’re on the subject of consumption, it’s nonetheless worthwhile to reasonable your dose and tempo your self. 

sativa strains
Best Sativa Strains

The clean, tasty taste makes this one simple to overindulge in, and even being glued to the sofa doesn’t trouble you; there are different antagonistic reactions you would expertise – like nervousness, paranoia, and panic assaults.

You might also grow to be drowsy or shortly sedated. 

The Cannarado Fatso pressure wasn’t made for discretion, so steer clear for those who’re attempting to remain on the down-low. You’ll have dry, purple, droopy eyes and cottonmouth to the nth diploma. 

Your speech might even grow to be fumbled and slurred. While eye drops and water will assist maintain you snug, they received’t take away these results fully.

Growing Fatso Strain
Growing Fatso Strain

Indoors it’ll be a extra modest top of slightly below 3ft. The spade-shaped buds are plump, cumbersome, and dense with a thick coating of sticky trichomes. 

The nugs are available a spread of minty to darkish inexperienced shades, contrasted splendidly by the burnt orange of the pistils

. The crystalline trichomes, which seem virtually amber, allude to Fatso’s efficiency.

This sturdy plant requires little intervention, although introducing the proper methods will encourage progress and boost yields.

It likes a heat atmosphere, so investing in correct lighting and heating tools will go a great distance when rising indoors. 

Methods like topping and pruning do nicely, as they assist enhance airflow and gentle publicity, particularly in the direction of the center and decrease areas of the plant. 

If you’re inexperienced in relation to rising, take a look at our on-line develop guides, an effective way to assist get you began. You can even be a part of a rising group on-line that will help you obtain the outcomes you need.

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Flowering is often 8-10 weeks. With the appropriate experience and cultivation methods, flowering can take simply seven weeks, which is significantly shorter than most. It has a harvest time of roughly 9 weeks.

Indoor Yield

The plant might be about 2.5 ft (30 inches or 76cm) tall. You can count on yields of 1-2 ozft2.

Outdoor Yield

The plant can develop 5-6.6 ft (60-80 inches or 150-203cm) tall. You can sit up for yields of 15-20 ozplant.

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FAQ’s About Fatso Strain

Is the Fatso pressure indica or sativa?

Fatso is a hybrid pressure, that means it has each indica and sativa traits. Most sources agree it has a 70:30 or 80:20 indica-leaning cut up, however some recommend the ratio is a way more balanced 50:50. It’s thought-about indica-dominant regardless, specifically as a result of its deeply stress-free results.

Are Cannarado Fatso pressure seeds out there for buy?

It looks as if breeder Cannarado retains their fists tight on this one, so discovering the unique seeds isn’t simple. You could possibly supply seeds from different cultivators or attempt getting your fingers on clones as a substitute.

Is Fatso a great pressure for newbies?

Despite the excessive THC and hard-hitting indica results, Fatso will be loved by newbies so long as they tempo themselves and maintain their doses small to begin. It’s additionally a good selection for many who often go for sativa-dominant or balanced strains and are able to check out at an indica.

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