This coverage assertion describes marijuana licensee traceability reporting requirement changes that assist transition from the present Leaf Data System to the Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS). The context and evaluation of this matter are supplied under.

POLICY STATEMENT: WAC 314-55-083(4) supplies that sure info should be stored “completely up-to-date in a system specified by the WSLCB,” and outlines an entire listing of required info in WAC 314-55-083(4)(a) by (p).

Under the CCRS system, “up-to-date” means a weekly report of the required info if there have been updates, adjustments or actions to any of the data described in WAC 314-55-083(4)(a) by (p).

Further, WAC 314-55-083(4)(h) supplies that “[a]ll marijuana, usable marijuana, marijuana infused products, marijuana concentrates, seeds, plant tissue, clone lots, and marijuana waste must be physically tagged with the unique identifier generated by the traceability system.”

Under the CCRS system, all marijuana, usable marijuana, marijuana infused merchandise, marijuana concentrates, seeds, plant tissue, clone tons, and marijuana waste should be bodily tagged with the distinctive identifier reported to the traceability system.

All different reporting necessities stay the identical.

Notice of WSLCB Policy Statement Number PS21-10 was filed with the Washington State Code Reviser on December 3, 2021 as WSR 22-01-021.

Policy Statements are agency-level paperwork declaring plans or intentions of an company. Policies are completely different from procedures, normal working procedures, or steering as a result of they apply to your complete group and are primarily meant to set path. In distinction, procedures or pointers sometimes embrace particular directions used to perform outlined duties which may be described in a coverage.

Additional info on CCRS is on the market on the CCRS webpages. Information on LCB polies will be discovered on the WSLCB Policy Statements webpage.

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