I not too long ago wrote an article analyzing the “why” behind your consumption of hashish – nevertheless, on this article we’re going to be taking a more in-depth have a look at the “what” you are able to do if you’re zooted.


There are an infinite variety of actions one can do whereas being excessive and in no way is this text primarily based on any actual science. You’ll shortly be taught this from the very first reply we’ll be overlaying. Rather, the inspiration for this text comes from a Reddit Post that requested the straightforward query;

“What is your favorite thing to do while High on Marijuana?”


So let’s see what a number of redditors had to say in response to this query.




The very first “thing” to do whereas excessive on marijuana appears to be “yourself!” Of course, this was posted by a Redditor that goes by the deal with “Awkward Improvements” and was almost definitely meant as a joke. However, for those who’ve ever masturbated whereas being excessive on hashish you’d likely agree that masturbation on weed is “different” than it’s with out weed.


Whether it’s your “favorite” factor to do is subjective – however I’m certain there are many younger adults who like to smoke up and bang one out actual fast as a type of leisure.


Personally, I choose to do far more nuanced issues on hashish than staying residence and whacking all of it day – nevertheless, contemplating that there have been quite a few upvotes on this specific remark, I made a decision to hold it.


Watching TV or Movies


Redditor JeffThompson2002 mentioned;


“Watch TV or movies. Bobs Burgers and King of the Hill is pretty fuckin funny to watch, so is anything with Gordon Ramsay while I have the munchies so I can die screaming while eating as he’s screaming at people and calling them fat sacks of crap and useless donkeys.”


Cannabis actually permits you to get “into” no matter it’s you might be doing. You can simply get misplaced in a narrative or just house out whereas watching some “mind candy” for a bit. Of course, what you watch is 100% a subjective desire, however many stoners would agree that watching a film or binging a present whereas smoking doobies is unquestionably a enjoyable exercise to do.


Once extra, that is one thing you do sparingly – for those who’re smoking weed and watching television all day, perhaps attempt to go outdoors and sit within the solar for some time – get a few of that Vitamin D!


Enjoy Mental Quiescence


User Demurist mentioned;


“Enjoy the absence of intrusive thoughts.”


Sometimes hashish may also help quiet the thoughts. This is very true for those who’ve been worrying about one thing for days. Cannabis can interrupt this adverse suggestions loop and permit you to select extra “satisfying thoughts”.


However, I wouldn’t say that hashish utterly silences the thoughts. Rather, it modifications the present of the ideas – from one focus to one other. Typically, the ideas you start to focus on whereas being excessive are way more entertaining and joyous.


Learn Stuff


Believe it or not, however stoners truly like to be taught stuff. They merely don’t like studying shit that’s being pressured on them. User, RedHeadWolf mentioned, “Watch educational videos” and that is true for many individuals.


There’s a number of academic materials on the web. I personally attempt to be taught new issues on a regular basis – issues outdoors of my consolation zone. Why? Because it makes my thoughts extra versatile and I like studying new issues.


Many hashish customers like to get excessive and be taught new issues, experiment with concepts and simply develop as people. Try taking place a fungal rabbit gap on the web – you’ll get misplaced for days!


Listen to Music


Listen to a track you heard a thousand occasions when you’re sober whereas excessive on hashish – all of a sudden you decide up on little nuances throughout the observe. The bass, the percussion, a hidden voice within the background – there’s a deeper dimension of listening to music when you are excessive.


Make music & the rest that’s artistic


If you might be musically inclined, writing track or plucking on your guitar strings may very properly be your favourite factor to do whereas excessive. However, something “creative” is simply as enjoyable to do when you are excessive. There are numerous songs and e book concepts I’ve provide you with whereas being excessive.


Being a author, it’s in my nature to discover new concepts and merge ideas collectively. When you might be excessive, whether or not you might be portray, dancing, making music, constructing stuff – creativity is unquestionably a enjoyable means to spend your excessive.




Many hashish customers get pleasure from cooking whereas excessive. It is therapeutic but concurrently solves your “munchie” drawback. If you put together properly in superior, you may even change into a greater prepare dinner by planning out an elaborate recipe and cooking it whereas excessive.


You will both have the meal of a lifetime or an fascinating story – however there are not any downsides to cooking whereas excessive.




Reddit consumer “Split_cheekz” mentioned, “Star gaze. Also grocery shopping for dinner lol.”


Getting blazed beneath the celebs is unquestionably a memorable hashish expertise. You can simply get misplaced in thought and permit the thoughts to wander freely. While not many individuals stargaze – going outdoors with a Spliff and watching the evening sky is unquestionably really helpful.




Another enjoyable exercise is to hang around with mates. Cannabis completely integrates into social settings and it’s as consumer “tri333ple” mentioned;


Hang out with mates, have some beers, play uno, and everytime you draw a card you sip a beer. All of this whereas listening to some 80s synthwave on YouTube. Trust, nice time with the homies if you do that!!


Perhaps not a lot the synthwave, however hanging out with mates is unquestionably a enjoyable exercise whereas excessive. There merely is a social aspect to smoking weed. You can get deep, shallow, be severe or lighthearted – hashish allows superior conversations.


What am I lacking?


Of course, the above talked about “favorite things” are extremely subjective and restricted to a small group of people that answered the query. Why not assist us elaborate and inform us within the remark part what are your favourite actions to do while excessive AF?








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