The different day whereas browsing the web I stumbled throughout the quote, “Marijuana doesn’t kill you straight away, but it kills the human spirit over time…”


This quote was posted on the subreddit /Leaves which is a thread that offers with individuals attempting to stop their hashish use. I used to be about to publish on the thread to offer perception to how asinine this quote actually is however then remembered that it will not do any good since these subreddits are usually echo chambers.


Posting on this thread would have merely sucked me right into a rabbit gap of discussions that might waste my valuable time and a spotlight.


Furthermore, I consider in the ethos of “Deep-Art Your Opinion” which primarily states that if in case you have a  have an opinion on any given matter, to jot down it on social media is like pissing in oncoming wind – all you obtain is to get your self lined in piss! Instead, if in case you have an opinion about any given topic – convert it into a chunk of artwork as a way of critiquing the thought.


Therefore, as a substitute of attempting to clarify to a bunch of people who find themselves attempting to do away with their behavior of smoking weed, I made a decision to jot down a weblog about it. It permits me to put out my reasoning in a fashion that represents my views on the topic.


In this case, we have to ask ourselves – “Does marijuana kill the human spirit?”


Cannabis is a plant – it has no will!


We should perceive that this quote was conjured by somebody who was battling dependancy and hashish merely occurred to be the object of their obsession. Within the thoughts of the addict, it’s at all times “the substances” and never the one that is in charge.


It’s not that they lack the will energy, it’s that “cannabis” has a maintain on them and they’re merely powerless to do something about it.


This is the lie perpetuated by addicts to justify their conduct and dodge the duty of truly consuming no matter drug or exercise they’re hooked on.


I say this as somebody who has battled with addictions and received. I stop smoking tobacco after 15-years of use. I stop extreme gaming and porn – issues I’ve been doing for many years which in a method, “Killed the human spirit.”


But the place I differ from the wielder of the quote is that I didn’t blame tobacco, video games or porn for my slavery to those substances – however myself. These substances/actions didn’t pressure me to make use of them, I made a selection to take action and someday down the line crafted a story to assist my addictive conduct.


The fact of the matter is that dependancy is a compulsive conduct that strengthens itself each time you give into the compulsion. This reinforces the neural networks in the mind that create a “habit”. At one level, the automation inside is so distinguished that you simply “think” that the substance has a thoughts of its personal – however that’s solely the private attachment you assign to it.


You’re the one who assign character and id to the substance – the substances don’t possess sentience.  Simply put, hashish can’t “kill” anybody as a result of hashish has no will of its personal. It could be the similar as saying, “That stone on the ground murdered that person!”


It’s nice fantasy, however the actuality of the scenario is that inanimate objects can’t “do” something – ever! It is at all times YOU!


Are you blaming the addict?


It’s not essentially “blame” however it’s stating that the addict bears the duty of their actions. To outsource the duty is traditional addict conduct and solely when the individual accepts their half in all of it – will they discover the “out” that they’re on the lookout for.


Tobacco dependancy is way harder to kick than hashish dependancy.


This is as a result of nicotine is about as addictive as cocaine on a bodily degree as was discovered by Professor David Nutt. Interestingly, tobacco is extra addictive than Crystal Meth is.


The cause I’m bringing this up is as a result of nicotine was my drug of selection when it got here to dependancy. I used to be smoking a pack a day for 15 years straight – and sooner or later, I merely gave it up.


How you could ask? I managed to reframe the narrative surrounding my dependancy to tobacco – I eliminated its energy from my thoughts and subsequently I used to be in a position to let go of the dependancy, each bodily and mentally.


Was it simple? Well – it wasn’t onerous however I wouldn’t say it was “easy”. However, I stop sooner or later and went “cold turkey” with out batting an eye fixed.


I merely decided to unravel the narrative after studying “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking” by Alan Carr – which acted type of like an “anti-virus” program for the thoughts. It challenged all the beliefs that I had created surrounding the dependancy to permit me to finally let go of the idea of smoking.


Did I’ve bodily withdrawal? Of course, however after reframing the thoughts to simply accept the withdrawal as “me killing the tobacco demon” – each time I felt like shit I felt good, as a result of I knew that I used to be snuffing out the dependancy.


It wasn’t till I may take full duty and actually body the substance for what it was – that I may let it go.


Cannabis received’t kill the human spirit – it could actually’t!


Addiction will snuff out the human spirit, regardless of the substance. Cannabis has given many individuals a cause to stay, eliminated their ache, helped them with despair and nervousness – in some methods, it has enhanced the human spirit.


Just hearken to Bob Marley’s Gaia and ask your self if Marley’s spirit was killed?


If you’re battling hashish dependancy – and there are a few of you who’re battling it – don’t blame the substance on your conduct. It is essential to change into brutally trustworthy with your self, to ask your self in the event you REALLY wish to stop and “why you smoke”.


By getting clear on these points, you start to pave the highway to restoration – however it is advisable to settle for duty. Without that, your whole makes an attempt of overcoming your addictions will fail miserably.


Is it simple? Hell no! But in the event you acknowledge you will have an issue, then the solely method ahead is to simply accept all the “effort” it is going to take, to make a particular determination – and to stroll ahead with out wanting again!





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