All members are invited to attend the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party annual common assembly at noon on Saturday 11 September 2021 on the Town Hall, 45 Cullen Street, Nimbin.

The assembly is earlier this yr because of the proposal to alter the title of the Party, and the constructive response to our e-mail survey for the “change the name” choice!

With the election looming, we want to have all of the steps in place in time to have the brand new Party title on the poll paper.

Along with the brand new title comes a brand new willpower to see an finish to prohibition. We can be striving to get candidates elected to the Senate and also will be fielding candidates in a few of the decrease home seats for the primary time.

To obtain this, we’d like funding and volunteers to assist with campaigning, fundraising and to occupy the early voting centres and outdoors polling cubicles on election day.

We have to depend on our grassroots supporters to pitch in and donate no matter money and time they will afford to assist increase the funds wanted to pay the AEC nomination fees for our candidates.

With the rising consciousness of Cannabis as drugs, the backlash from many sufferers concerning the discriminatory nature of the Medical Cannabis coverage plus the ridiculous roadside drug testing for merely the presence of THC, we imagine we are able to entice greater than 4% of the first vote – particularly whenever you embody the votes of those that partake for leisure remedy.

Strong help

Over 70% of our members help the title change in each surveys we now have carried out,” mentioned Michael Balderstone, HEMP Party President.

“We want to be clear on what we are about and call it as it is with no chance of confusion. Hemp farming is legal now again in Australia and Marijuana is a word created by the prohibitionists in America back in the 1930’s to trick the hemp farmers who didn’t realise that banning marijuana had also criminalised hemp.”

“Thousands of farmers crops were made illegal overnight when the law was introduced. Vested interests criminalised Cannabis back then, just as they maintain its illegality now.”

”Another purpose for the change is to unite the Cannabis neighborhood throughout our large brown land the place we try to register Legalise Cannabis Parties in each Australian state.”

“We’ve all been inspired by the election of two Legalise Cannabis WA Party members of parliament in Western Australia, the registration of Legalise Cannabis Qld Party and the good results they achieved.”

So let’s deal with and unite our legislation reform motion. Anyone registered to vote will help by becoming a member of their state get together at

Many are enthusiastic about this new part and we hope you may be too. The time is ripe for change to occur with help for legalising Cannabis sitting at round 41%. We hope we are able to rely in your help to assist get a voice into the federal area.

AGM agenda abstract

  • Federal Election marketing campaign technique
  • State Legalise Cannabis Parties participation
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Candidate preselection

HEMP Party Constitution amendments.

The present model is out there on-line.

An open abnormal poll to vote on retaining or altering the Party title to; Legalise Cannabis Australia.

Constitution Section Three to be amended. Legalise Cannabis NSW Party has changed the title; HEMP NSW and they’re in progress for state registration. Legalise Cannabis NSW Incorporated requires two paper types for membership. 3.Eight can now be eliminated if the Party title is retained or modified.

3.8 Membership of the Party (HEMP NSW) shall be deemed to incorporate membership of the HELP END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION (HEMP) PARTY ( abbrev. HEMP ) registered underneath the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

Constitution Section 5 to be amended. There’s no such factor as an appropriate newspaper for informing all members. Replace the phrase ‘in a suitable newspaper‘ with ‘via email and on social media.

5.1.1 The secretary shall give 28 days notice of the AGM in a suitable newspaper.

Insert a new Section 6. A copy of section 6 of the Legalise Cannabis Qld Party Constitution and renumber the current sections 6, 7 and 8.

6. General Meetings

  • 6.1 General meetings are to be held at a minimum quarterly, but may be held more frequently at the discretion of the Executive Committee, as necessary to meet the aims of the Party.
  • 6.2 General meetings may be held in person, via electronic platform, or any combination as decided by the Committee from time to time.
  • 6.3 The Treasurer’s report on the monetary standing of the Party shall type a part of the agenda.
  • 6.4 The minutes of a common assembly can be made obtainable to the Membership in digital format (e.g. through e-mail) no later than 30 days after the date of the overall assembly upon request by a member.
  • 6.5 General enterprise arising between common conferences could also be handled through in-person, phone, written or digital communications between all Committee Members, as determined by the Committee occasionally.


  • Executive Committee nominations have to be obtained by the secretary at the very least one week earlier than the assembly.
  • A brief bio and CV will assist decide the suitability of nominees for an elected place on the manager committee.
  • The committee is re-elected every year and contains; Secretary, Treasurer, President, Vice President, Registered Officer and Deputy Registered Officer.
  • Voting for workplace bearers can be by open abnormal poll by these current on the assembly solely.

We could also be compelled to postpone the AGM if there’s an enforced lock-down on the day. It may be very tough for many members to attend conferences in Nimbin throughout regular circumstances. It can be good to see you, if you may make it.

Yours sincerely,
James Kingsbury
HEMP Party Secretary

PS. Currently on the Party title e-mail survey: KEEP 89 : 245 CHANGE

The appropriate newspaper public notice in the Echo.

The HEMP Party’s Facebook event.

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