When it involves legalization, one of the crucial profitable methods have been to control hashish as if it was alcohol. This was significantly standard in Colorado in 2012 when the state legalized hashish for grownup use. 


The reasoning behind that is easy; “since we have a substance more dangerous than cannabis already legal and regulated, then cannabis could be regulated the same way…”


This was very wise for its time seeing that hashish was not authorized for leisure functions wherever on the earth.


In 2012, Colorado and Washington made historical past by legalizing hashish for grownup use, and whereas solely Colorado legalized underneath the premise of “regulate it like alcohol”, WA additionally utilized the identical businesses that regulate alcohol to control hashish.


Since then, the recognition of the argument has gained grounds. The downside is, that in lots of instances – and even in Colorado, hashish isn’t being regulated like alcohol.


For instance, what’s probably the most alcohol you should buy in a single retailer the place you reside?


Having bother answering the query? That’s as a result of the reply could be very troublesome to pinpoint. In locations like California, there’s completely no restrict to what number of bottles of wine you should buy in a single setting.


There are limits in lots of states on how a lot you possibly can  “brew” by your self, however not many limits on;


  1. How a lot you should purchase in a single setting

  2. How a lot you possibly can have in your particular person at any time limit


As you possibly can see, not like hashish – alcohol will get a free go on lots of the issues that hashish will get scrutinized on, akin to buy limits and efficiency limits.


Within the world of alcohol, there are designation for potencies in liquor content material – but we see no politicians making an attempt to cap whisky at 5% now can we?


What’s extra stunning is that in keeping with the FBI’s statistics on alcohol-related crimes state that, round 500,000 instances of alcohol violence are reported yearly, not mentioning the crimes that flew underneath the radar.


But it will get worse.


86% of homicides and 60% of sexual abuse or rape instances have been underneath the affect of the drug (alcohol) and there are roughly 10,000 highway fatalities resulting from consuming and driving.


If these statistics have been associated to hashish, it might by no means have been legalized in one million years – besides, it’s associated to alcohol so it will get a free go?


Where’s the outrage from these lawmakers defending the kids from the “alleged risks of cannabis” when a overwhelming majority of child-abuse instances happen whereas the guardian is drunk.


As a small thought experiment, what would occur that as an alternative of regulating hashish like alcohol we did the other?


Regulating Alcohol like Cannabis (thought experiment)


Let’s take a minute to suppose what the world could be like if we have been to control alcohol like hashish.


For starters, each state would have completely different guidelines and rules – this rings true for alcohol at the moment, however not the diploma of hashish.


With alcohol, there’s federal laws that gives sure tips for regulation. We’re nonetheless ready for a similar remedy for hashish – which might occur this 12 months.


Nonetheless, the principles which are being handed in relation to hashish legalization goes as follows;

  1. Limits on how a lot you should purchase

  2. Limits on how a lot you possibly can have on you at one time

  3. Limits on efficiency

  4. Limits on commercial

  5. Age Limit

  6. Limits on the quantity of shops in any given space

  7. Limits on Home cultivation (if allowed)

While there are actually many extra restrictions on the hashish trade – we’ll take these seven factors and elaborate them a bit additional.


If we have been to control alcohol like marijuana, a person ought to be restricted to how a lot they will purchase at a single place (or in sure states “all through a single day).


In the case of hashish, some caps are set directly ounce – which might be akin to having one joint a day at some point of a month.


Perhaps we might restrict beer purchases to at least one case of beer or a max of 30 beers in a single buy. As for stronger spirits – we’d must restrict it primarily based on efficiency and it must be not more than 1-liter of spirits per buy.

Secondly, we should always discuss how a lot you possibly can keep it up you at any given time. In the case of hashish, limits range by state however for probably the most half that is additionally restricted to an oz.


In phrases of alcohol, we’d observe the primary indication, limiting to max 1-case of beer or 1-liter of spirits. If caught with greater than this, you’d instantly be fined and frequent violations would ship you to jail.


Limits on efficiency is the following factor on the record. Since lawmakers need to cap hashish merchandise at a measly 15% – we should always present the identical remedy to alcohol. No alcoholic beverage ought to have greater than 15% alcohol content material.


Sorry whiskey, brandy, vodka…


Next, we’ll discuss commercial. Every single Super Bowl industrial ought to be banned instantly. Any beer industrial faraway from tv. Any billboard have to be positioned out of sight of youngsters and there will be no advertising to younger adults.


Age restrict will stay 21 – I suppose that is the one factor that’s regulate equally.


Next, we’ll check out availability and shops. There ought to be a restrict on what number of shops will be in a given space – and the permits have to be very costly. Each metropolis would cap the quantity of authorized shops and alcohol wouldn’t be obtainable in locations like Walmart, 7/11 or wherever else EXCEPT for these particular liquor shops.


Alcohol income from these shops shouldn’t be accepted by banks, they must deal completely in money.


And lastly we take a better take a look at residence brewing. You might do it, however your operation ought to be restricted to not more than 10 liters per 30 days. Anything above this might end in huge fines or jail time!


The Sticky Bottom


Now that we’ve reached the tip of our thought experiment – take into consideration what society could be like underneath these situations.


You’d instantly have the Mafia or drug cartels bootlegging alcohol once more as a result of nicely, individuals would purchase it and not using a downside!


As you possibly can see, the foremost issues with hashish isn’t the plant itself – it’s the over regulation of a substance far much less harmful than alcohol – making it costly, giving legislation enforcement excuses to harass and oppress customers for “breaking the rules” and isn’t primarily based in security in any respect.


If hashish rules have been designed to “keep us safer” – one would think about much more scrutiny on a drug that’s current throughout 84% of homicides and 60% of sexual abuse instances.


Can’t say that of hashish now can we?








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