The world’s first national park, Yellowstone has wowed guests with its 3,500-sq. miles of wilderness and volcanic motion since 1872. The setting is virtually too excellent for nature-loving cannabis lovers, with many vacationers undoubtedly tempted to sneak in some product and lightweight up on a path.

However, Yellowstone like different national parks, lies on federal floor, and with cannabis’s legality at the moment occupying a gray space between state and national legal guidelines, it’s essential to not solely perceive what to anticipate when visiting national parks with cannabis, but additionally know your rights on federal land.

National park cannabis insurance policies: what you must know

If you purchase a misdemeanor associated to a cannabis cost on federal land, the federal authorities continues to be required to test in to make sure you’re getting drug examined—even if you reside in a authorized state.

To reply these questions, we received in contact with Alex Freeburg, a prison protection lawyer who represents folks accused of smoking or possessing cannabis in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. If you assume possession in parks is a non-issue, Freeburg would disagree—he’s had a minimum of six circumstances this yr alone, and that quantity will solely balloon as soon as the summer season months get into full swing and the parks begin to fill.

Freeburg clarifies that simply because you’re in a sprawling forested space doesn’t imply you can sneak a puff and get off scot-free. Federal land goes by federal guidelines. “The feds have way more resources than the states do,” says Freeburg.“The feds are nationwide.” This implies that if you purchase a misdemeanor associated to a cannabis cost on federal land, the federal authorities continues to be required to test in with you in your property state to make sure you’re getting drug examined—even if you reside in a authorized state.

“In my experience—in Wyoming—on a first defense pot charge, you can get on probation,” says Freeburg. “If they’re not from Wyoming no big deal, they go back to their home state and there’s no Wyoming probation officer, you know, to check up on you in California. But with the feds, there is.”

Instead of going about your life after dealing with authorized points in Wyoming, there’s nonetheless a huge risk that you could also be obligated to supply urine samples for testing from again house—and if the exams come out constructive for cannabis you could lose your probation, even for these surrounded by authorized dispensaries in their state of residence.

Not solely is probation a headache, you might be dealing with a cannabis cost for a minimum of three to 6 months, in addition to having to fork over some money. Freeburg says, “Yellowstone is the crown jewel of our national parks and it gets three million visitors, so you’re looking at [about] $795 for a conviction [there], but that’s a ballpark number. At other parks, I believe it’s around $200.”

Three to 6 months could not sound like a big deal in the long term, however there are at all times exceptions to the rule, and Freeburg has seen all of it. He had a current shopper who pleaded responsible for possession and went on probation, however when that shopper went again to his house state he bumped into some unlucky points. “This is the only time I ever heard of this, but they forced him into a group home—he was from Georgia—for pleading guilty on a pot charge. He hired me to deal with all of this and they had him on probation for less than a gram of pot. He left the halfway house and got six months in jail—which is the max you can get. So, in the end, the way you can get jail time on these charges is if you violate probation. It’s an extreme story, but it has happened.”

There are myriad ways in which cannabis circumstances can devolve for the more serious, even when you assume you’re good to go. According to Freeburg, the most typical case happens when a “person arrives late and finds out that all campsites are full, decides to sleep in the car, and takes a puff before sleeping. Then the ranger wakes them up to say ‘no sleeping in your car’ and smells the weed.” To keep away from such a situation, at all times test to ensure you have every little thing tucked away and beneath a tight lock earlier than letting your guard down.

Play it secure and know your rights

Not eager to see others undergo the identical ordeals as his purchasers, Freeburg outlines some useful ideas beneath for if you’re planning on visiting a national park resembling Yellowstone:

  • You can say “no” if they ask to look your automotive.
  • If you’re tenting and an officer desires to look your car, demand a warrant. Say you’re not going wherever.
  • If you’re going to eat, use vape pens and edibles. It’s all about minimizing odor.
  • Keep cannabis separate out of your ID or insurance coverage (e.g., not in the glove field).
  • Keep alcohol in the cooler and out of sight, too.
  • If you’re caught, don’t declare shared duty. If there’s one joint and two folks, and each folks say it’s “shared,” you’re each getting the ticket. Let one particular person deal with it.
  • Don’t comply with probation if you’re not going to give up smoking.

We strongly suggest heeding Freeburg’s recommendation and at all times consuming cannabis in a secure, authorized, and cozy setting. While the path to legalization is properly on its strategy to being blazed, an unfortunate run-in can nonetheless have a destructive impression your life—and that’s not one thing any of us wish to deal with.

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