Happy Taurus season to all of you Bulls on the market! May is an thrilling month the place the celebrities are involved. The month kicks off with Mercury coming into Gemini on May 3. Then Venus additionally enters Gemini on May 8. This is a powerhouse mixture.

Many really feel balanced and amendable when Mercury is in Gemini and just a little enjoyable and mischievous when Venus enters into Gemini. Most individuals will likely be downright charming originally of this month. 

There’s a brand new moon in Taurus on May 11. Challenge your self to step outdoors your consolation zone throughout this time. Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, a fortunate time certainly! Gemini Season begins on May 20, and the total moon/lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius on May 26. Don’t get too invested in any new relationships made on the finish of the month. Otherwise, most of you Zodiac babes ought to take pleasure in a May filled with indulgence and energy … identical to a Taurus would advocate! 

Your May Horoscope


Illustration of a bull on a blue background

Happy Bull Season and Happy Birthday, Taurus! This is really your month, as the celebrities are aligning. On May 3, issues kick off with Mercury in Gemini. This is an thrilling pairing that ought to drum up a ton of inventive power for you. On May 8, your ruler Venus is in Gemini. Speaking of Venus, you’ll be able to take pleasure in a month of direct movement for this ruling planet of yours. That means the place love is worried issues ought to stay fairly balanced and communication must be clear.

There is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. You ought to really feel a deep sense of function on the finish of the month. Hold quick to what you’ve been planning and don’t deviate too removed from the trail you’ve chosen. Mercury is in direct movement a lot of the month, which can also be thrilling information. However, it does go retrograde on May 29. Don’t let this throw you off your hard-earned stability. This is a month for leaning into who you really are, Taurus!

May pressure: It’s your season, Bull, so rejoice with some Birthday Cake. This hybrid is 20 p.c THC and gives sturdy physique results with a candy-like taste. Users report this can be a deeply stress-free pressure. Kick again and take pleasure in!


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Happy Spring, Gem! This Taurus season ought to give you a mixture of stability and journey. Things kick off along with your ruler, Mercury, coming into into Gemini on May 3. This ought to provide a pleasant and welcomed burst of clear and concise communication in your most essential relationships.

On May 8, Venus additionally enters into Gemini. If you’re hit by the sudden want to lastly write that novel, don’t be stunned. This is a extremely inventive pairing. But that inventive power received’t final ceaselessly, so dive in and seize it whilst you can. There is a brand new moon in Taurus on May 11. Don’t be afraid to talk up if one thing minor has been grinding your gears at work. You may be stunned to search out that there are others feeling the identical approach.

The month rounds off with a full moon and lunar eclipse on May 26 in Sagittarius, and Mercury enters into its backward stride on May 29.  Take care of your self first and foremost on the finish of the month, Gemini. Keep your gaze ahead and this month must be profitable for you!

May pressure: Take the sting off with one thing candy this month. Smarties is a hybrid pressure with a lemony, terpene profile. Users report this can be a nice on a regular basis pressure that gives completely happy, mellowing results. 

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Happy May, Cancer! This is an thrilling month in your ruler, that attractive moon. But first, the month kicks off with Mercury coming into into Gemini on May 3.

Spicy, playful power with a mixture of clear and concise communication will abound originally of May. Then, there’s the brand new moon in Taurus on May 11. This is a secure pairing and issues must be fairly clean below that lovely, darkish sky. 

On May 13, Jupiter enters Pisces for a sprinkling of upbeat angle and you would possibly even expertise some significantly vivid desires. There is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. This is a good time to judge your long-term objectives and your five-year plan. You would possibly really feel a surge of creativity, or the urge to comply with by way of on a venture you deserted months in the past. Lean into this power and it’s best to have a really profitable month!

May pressure: If you’re on the lookout for an immersive expertise this month, pack a bowl of Gas Mask. Gas Mask is an indica pressure with a pungent aroma that actually lives as much as its identify. The profile options just a little little bit of gasoline and just a little little bit of lemon. Users report this bud is cerebral and actually takes the sting off.


Illustration of a lion and leaves on a blue background

Happy May, Leo! May is a good month to be a lion. Things begin on May 3, with Mercury coming into Gemini. This is a really balanced pairing and it’s best to take pleasure in some very clear, direct communication coming out of your inside circle and from coworkers.

On May 8, Venus enters Gemini as effectively. This is a extra inventive, flighty pairing nevertheless it ought to convey you some a lot wanted levity to your private life. On May 11, there’s a new moon in Taurus. Under that attractive, darkish sky you’ll end up craving some further stability.

Your ruler the Sun enters Gemini on May 20, and we start Twin season. Wisdom and adaptability will likely be at an all-time excessive. On May 26, there’s a full moon and a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, and on May 29, Mercury goes retrograde. Buckle up for a wild and enjoyable May, Lion!

May pressure: Wash your self clear of any unhealthy vibes this month, no less than mentally, with a pressure like The Soap. This is a 24 p.c THC sativa-dominant hybrid. Users report it smells like various issues, however principally pungent. The Soap gives euphoric results that hit the thoughts and physique equally.


Illustration of dark haired woman wearing a flower crown and holding a small weed plant in front of dark blue background

It’s Bull Season, Virgo! This month will function just a little little bit of the whole lot for you. It begins along with your ruler, Mercury, coming into Gemini on May 3. This gives you an abundance of stability and clear communication in your closest relationships. On May 8, Venus additionally enters Gemini. This is a candy and quirky pairing, with numerous witty humor and allure to go round.

Back to Mercury for a second, your ruler will likely be in direct movement virtually all the month of May. Capitalize on this by ensuring you’re aligning your values with the objectives you’ve set. Are you doing what you stated you’ll? On May 26, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. The month will spherical out with the need for alignment. Set your self up for achievement this month and the summer time must be clean crusing, Virgo.

May pressure: If you’re a fan of old-school strains, Skunk Hero must be proper up your alley. This is a hybrid pressure that harkens again to the times of old-school Skunk cultivation. As a cross between Super Skunk and Mandarin Sunset, this bud has some pedigree lineage. It’s a heady pressure with whiffs of citrus. Users report that whereas it boasts a decrease THC proportion, the euphoric results hit heavy and laborious. 


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Illustrated image of scales with plants on each side

Happy May, Libra! May is shaping as much as be an inspiring month for you. Everything kicks off with Mercury coming into into Gemini on May 3. Venus additionally enters into Gemini on May 8. All of this motion in a fellow air signal like Gemini ought to have you ever feeling further at-home in your individual pores and skin.

On May 11, there’s a new moon in Taurus which also needs to unlock emotions of safety and stability in your relationships and skilled life. Jupiter enters into Pisces on May 13 and Saturn goes retrograde on May 23. The center of the month would possibly really feel just a little emotionally disjointed, however don’t panic—it is going to type itself out shortly. On May 26, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius.

Finish May sturdy by recommitting to your objectives and aligning what you say with what you imply. You’re going to be unstoppable this month, Libra!

May pressure: Prioritize consolation this month by packing a bowl with a pressure like Sweet Tea. This sativa-dominant hybrid gives a really candy, fruity profile, and medical sufferers report that it’s extremely useful for signs related to melancholy and anxiousness.

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Illustration of a scorpion with a packed bowl of weed

It’s Taurus Season, Scorpio! Water signs like your self will really feel a pull in the direction of stability on this month filled with Earth-sign power. On May 3, Mercury enters Gemini. This pairing ought to unlock clear and frequent communication in your most cherished private relationships. On May 8, your ruler, Venus, additionally enters Gemini. Don’t be stunned in case you’re feeling further enjoyable and flirty the second week of the month.

Speaking of Venus, your ruler is in direct movement this month which bodes effectively for romantic relationships. On May 26, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. There is not any higher time to align your values along with your actions. Speak the reality to your folks and coworkers. Watch your relationships deepen and flourish—you’ve received huge issues forward this spring, Scorpio!

May pressure: Toke on one thing just a little extra uplifting this month, like Gold Leaf. This is a rarer indica pressure, however in case you can observe it down it’s greater than definitely worth the effort. Users report that one puff can put them within the temper to be inventive. If you’re combating some artist blockers, this can be a nice pressure that will help you get fired up once more.


Illustration of an archer drawing an arrow with a joint in their mouth

Are you feeling all of this Bull power, Sagittarius? Taurus season ought to function just a little little bit of push and just a little little bit of pull for a hearth signal like your self. On May 8, Venus enters Gemini. Embrace the flirty and enjoyable power this could unlock for you. Communication must be clear and concise between you and your closest confidants.

On May 13, your ruler, Jupiter, enters into water signal Pisces. Jupiter is true at residence in Pisces, and you’ll be able to capitalize on this pairing by stepping outdoors your consolation zone and attempting one thing new with a number of shut buddies. Take a brand new path or begin a brand new venture.

On May 26, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in your signal. This will provide some unbelievable alignment to you in case you’re keen to succeed in out and take it. This is the right time to align your phrases along with your actions. Be trustworthy with your self above all and it’s best to flourish this month, Sag!

May pressure: This month requires one thing … potent. If you’re prepared for an journey, get your self some Tuna Kush. While the identify may appear harmless sufficient, Tuna Kush is a legendary pressure and maybe one of the potent out there on the North American market. Users report that this pressure has a pungent, skunky scent, and that it packs some true warmth.

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Illustration of a seagoat on a blue background

Happy May, Cap! This month options a variety of Earth-sign power only for you! But to start out, on May 3, Mercury enters into ethereal Gemini for a dose of allure and good communication. On May 8, Venus enters into Gemini, and on May 11, there’s a new moon in Taurus. This ought to unlock some much-needed readability and stability the place your skilled life is worried.

On May 26, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. There is not any higher time to reevaluation the way you’ve been working in the direction of your long-term objectives. Are you doing the entire stuff you’d stated you do? Are you prioritizing your well being and well-being? If the reply is “No” to those questions, it’s not too late to right course! Mercury enters into retrograde on May 29, however apart from that little bit of chaos, it’s best to have a reasonably clean month, Cap!

May pressure: It’s virtually summertime! Celebrate that landmark by packing your self a bowl of Peaches and Cream. This is a hybrid pressure with a taste that completely matches the identify. Users report instant cerebral results that ultimately simmer right into a mellow, inventive buzz.


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Illustration of a maiden pouring water out of her bong in the night sky

May is right here, Aquarius! All of this Earth-sign power is nice for an adaptable, reliable zodiac babe comparable to your self. On May 3, Mercury enters into fellow ethereal signal Gemini. This ought to unlock a long-dormant, flirty facet to you. Enjoy the enhance of charming power the start of the month brings. Communication will likely be clear and extensive open for you.

On May 11, there’s a new moon in Taurus. Recommit to your objectives in case you’ve been feeling little torn, particularly if there’s been turmoil in your skilled life. On May 23, Saturn (your ruler) goes into retrograde. It’s in all probability greatest that you just don’t decide to any new initiatives on the finish of the month. Stay the course and it’s best to really feel balanced and complete all the month of May.

Things wrap up with a full moon and lunar eclipse on May 26 in Sagittarius. Not solely will this make the night time sky luminescent and attractive, however you also needs to end up in near-total stability. Lean in and benefit from the journey, Aquarius!

May pressure: You’re magical, Aquarius. So, why not pack your self a bowl of one thing mystical like Blissful Wizard? This hybrid pressure is potent due to its pedigree lineage (Girl Scout Cookies and Captain’s Cookies). It’s received creamy, citrus flavors and customers report that it hits quick and sturdy.

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Illustration of two fish circling in blue pond

Happy Spring, Pisces! This month would possibly having you feeling just a little out of your depth at instances due to the entire earthy power on the market in May. It’s all going to be simply effective in case you stretch your self simply ever so barely. On May 8, Venus enters into ethereal Gemini. There will likely be loads of direct, clear communication in your private relationships. Your temper also needs to be chipper, too.

On May 13, your ruler enters into your signal! This alignment makes most water signs really feel particularly sage. Don’t be stunned if in case you have individuals knocking in your door in your knowledge and recommendation. Be the sort of pal that reveals up. Your relationships will flourish in the course of the month in case you do. People may be just a little extra direct than you’re used to, and it could be laborious to not take this personally (it actually isn’t private). Lean into this discomfort and you’ll discover there may be loads so that you can study nonetheless.

There is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. There will likely be no higher time to recommit to the stuff you promised you’d do for your self this yr. Clean your residing area, uncover a brand new mountaineering path, or do one thing fully in your personal profit. This is a month of recent discoveries, Pisces!

May pressure: If you’re seeking to bask in one thing further candy this month, look no additional than a bowl of Grape God. This is an indica-dominant pressure with a candy, grape aroma and long-last results that customers report is nice for mellowing out after a tense day.


Illustration of a ram jumping through the night sky

Happy May, Aries! While Ram season may be behind us, Bull season has some equally thrilling prospects. Your ruler, Mars, is in direct movement this month, so issues must be clean the place funds are involved. Mercury’s look in Gemini on May Three will provide a way of peace and stability that you just’ve been craving .

The new moon in Taurus on May 11 would possibly shake issues up a bit for you. Don’t be shocked if some curveballs are thrown your approach at work. While you’re a pure born chief, don’t be afraid to take any sage recommendation provided in the course of the month.

There is a full moon and an eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. This is a good time to do some analysis of your five-year plan. There will likely be an abundance of readability and function due to all of this thrilling lunar exercise.

May pressure: Try one thing just a little new and just a little uncommon this month, like Afternoon Delight. This is a hybrid pressure that may be tough to trace down, however the effort is price it. Afternoon Delight is an indica-dominant bud that has balanced results on each thoughts and physique. Users report this can be a pressure for true skilled stoners.

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