420 scare. I’m an everyday informal smoker (non extreme periods). Today I smoked a number of puffs extra because it’s 420 and it was of the identical weed I’ve been smoking on for a number of weeks. So I doubt it’s contaminated. A couple of minutes later I seen the vision in my proper eye solely was blurry on the far proper facet solely (proper peripheral). I sat down for some time and it handed after about 10-15 minutes nevertheless it left me curious and a bit freaked out so I googled it. Apparently marijuana could cause strokes! Ie: occipital ischemic strokes. Not positive if it was a stroke like described within the hyperlink under however i hadn’t heard of marijuana doing this earlier than. Also it appeared like my listening to was a bit muffled in my proper ear however I may nonetheless hear out of my left ear so I’m undecided concerning the listening to signs however the vision factor was bizarre. Never occurred earlier than. I didn’t faint or go darkish nevertheless it was off. Any ideas? Experiences like this? I’m positive now nevertheless it all simply left me freaked out. cannabis caused stroke article

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