President Joe Biden stated throughout his marketing campaign that he was all about permitting some hashish reform to take form nationwide, particularly if it meant that in any other case law-abiding residents didn’t should go to jail for it. “Nobody should be in jail for smoking marijuana,” Biden stated throughout a city corridor final yr.

Although he by no means sided with the idea of totally legalizing marijuana, like a rising variety of states are already doing, Biden promised that his administration would get critical about decriminalization and expunging the prison information of those that’ve been busted for pot crimes. But it’s already April, and he hasn’t lifted a finger on this challenge. Vice President Kamala Harris says that’s as a result of Biden’s been so targeted on “getting people food, helping them stay in their apartments or in their homes, getting kids back to school, getting shots into arms.”

Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats need to push for full steam forward legalization. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated final weekend that they’d do that with or with out Biden. Only, that’s not doable. Congress might want to get President Biden on board with their concept regarding legalization. Otherwise, their efforts are sure to go nowhere. That’s if they’ll discover a approach to get a pot invoice by Republican roadblocks, the filibuster, and different political shenanigans that Senate minority chief Mitch McConnell is able to unleashing.

But for the sake of argument, let’s say that Congress manages to approve a complete hashish reform invoice this yr that permits a taxed and controlled weed market to come back alive nationwide. By all accounts, Biden in all probability isn’t going to be fast to signal it into regulation as a result of he’s not but satisfied that legalization is the best way to go. Part of his apprehensiveness could possibly be the situation of his son Hunter Biden.

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The 51-year-old Biden has been making media appearances recently to advertise his new memoir Beautiful Things. The guide offers with Hunter’s issues with medicine and alcohol, and the tales are on the darkish aspect. Over the weekend, Biden shared disturbing particulars with CBS Sunday Morning that might make any father or mother cringe — particularly in the event you occur to be the chief of the free world.

“I spent more times on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack cocaine,” he said. “I probably smoked more parmesan cheese than anyone you know. I went one time for 13 days without sleeping and smoking crack and drinking vodka throughout that entire time.”

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Considering what he has been by with Hunter, it’s distinctly doable that President Biden, who has already suffered the lack of one son, Beau, is scared that marijuana could be a gateway drug to the sort of problematic drug behaviors expressed in Hunter’s guide.

His aversion to full-blown marijuana legalization could possibly be that he has the very best of intentions and doesn’t want to contribute to the habit of extra Americans. After all, no president desires to be held accountable when tens of millions of Americans begin crawling round on the carpet looking for crack and smoking parmesan cheese. That could be a brand new low for a nation already ravaged by the scourge of opioids and methamphetamine. Therefore, President Biden is presumably slightly skittish about legalizing a substance that he’s all the time believed to be the coaching wheels to the onerous stuff. He’s from the old-fashioned, a time when pot was related to draft dodging hippies and the city downtrodden.

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But now, Biden has a tender spot for drug addicts. He stated final yr that they need to be compelled to go to rehab, not jail. But authorized weed nonetheless appears to make him fairly nervous. Perhaps that is why Senator Chuck Schumer desires the president to listen to him out on why legalization is the proper approach to go. “I want to make my arguments to him, as many other advocates will,” Schumer told Politico.

One manner or one other, federal lawmakers might want to persuade Biden that nationwide marijuana legalization in all probability isn’t going to result in a rustic stricken by parmesan cheese smoking crack customers. The President must be reminded that the legalization of alcohol a long time in the past is what made the substance safer for the lots to devour socially and contributed to a lot of the inhabitants partaking in accountable use. The similar idea can and needs to be utilized to marijuana, which is already authorized on this method in 15 states.

President Biden wants to know the advantages of the authorized path and be put comfortable that the one parmesan drawback Americans would possibly undergo as soon as marijuana prohibition ends is that we would begin consuming extra spaghetti.

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