When we learn the sentence

The alliance plans to foyer Republican senators similar to Paul and Utah’s Mike Lee, Politico reported. In addition, the group hopes to assist form a nationwide marijuana regulatory system.

A chilly chill runs by the physique but it surely seems to the remainder of the hashish media panorama that is simply one other growth to be reported together with so and so did this and so and so did that.

The grasp transfer by the Koch brothers has been to usher in Snoop and his producer Weldon Angelos, who we hasten so as to add managed to get a Trump pardon whereas tens of hundreds languish in jail for a similar or lesser crimes’ to their hashish domination plan to get them to do the promoting to the “people”.

And promote they are going to.

Here at CLR we all know it’s in all probability sacrosanct to say that the boy carried out good from South Central has now been absolutely assimilated into the good experiment of American capitalism.

He may not promote his granny however he’ll promote about the rest.


We might go on endlessly, he’s like saleforce writ giant in organic format.

We’re not particulary nervous if he needs to spruik or as he’d say “hustle” Corona, Menulog and Insurance merchandise as disagreeable because the alcohol, gig economic system and insurab[nce sectors are. It’s never really worried us that he invests and sells weed and weed products. He’s an open smoker always has been and good luck to him and there’s a basic level of amusement when one sees this sort of thing.

But promoting the Koch Brothers model is an alltogether completely different kettle of fish

Lets observe two necessary issues right here

The Koch Brothers need all medication to be  authorized , the emphasis on all and look the place that received us with opiates and the  prescription drugs sector.  But extra importantly, they wish to have a serious hand in figuring out what the regulation of those medication is.

Cannabis, we’d counsel is simply the beginning, the Trojan Hose so to talk.

They’ve clearly seen what’s coming with psychedelic compounds and discussions on plant primarily based compounds like Ibogaine and Kratom for instance. Never thoughts the profitability of the cocaine and methamphetamine markets!



Hopefully  most of our readers might be knowledgeable concerning the Koch Family.

If not right here’s the introduction to their wikipedia web page

The Koch household ( KOHK) is an American household engaged in business, greatest recognized for his or her political activities (lively position in opposing climate change legislation, donating to libertariancriminal justice reform, and Republican Party causes) and their management of Koch Industries, the most important privately owned firm within the United States (with 2019 revenues of $115 billion).[1] The household enterprise was began by Fred C. Koch, who developed a brand new cracking technique for the refinement of heavy crude oil into gasoline.[2][3] Fred’s 4 sons litigated towards one another over their pursuits within the enterprise throughout the 1980s and 1990s.[4]

By 2019, Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, generally known as the Koch brothers, have been the one ones of Fred Koch’s 4 sons nonetheless with Koch Industries.[5] Charles and David Koch constructed a political community of libertarian and conservative donors and the brothers funneled monetary income into tv and multi-media promoting.[6] David Koch died in August 2019.



A few documentaries


An Interview with Charles Koch


Here at CLR we’d counsel that this announcement quite than NY legalizing is the story of 2021 in regulated hashish.

Yet the hashish media repeats the extremely refined fake folksy press launch of yesterday as if it isn’t of any consequence. It is.

See our story of yesterday

Charles Koch Gets Into Bed With Snoop & Weldon Angelos Say Media Reports …..Welcome To The “Cannabis Freedom Alliance”


Here are a few of the different stories printed to date 

MJ Biz blandly says

Angelos believes the political affect wielded by the Koch brothers might show key to getting legalization throughout the end line, notably with the 50-50 Democrat-Republican divide within the U.S. Senate.



Ganjapreneur follows the same line

An advocacy group consisting of hashish proponents from each side of the political spectrum – the Cannabis Freedom Alliance

Snoop Dogg, Charles Koch, & Weldon Angelos Chat Leads to New Legalization Group


Even Weedweek who we’d count on a bit extra from, report it as simply one other merchandise of their publication


Over at Marijuana Moment who we are likely to implicitly belief  with their reporting haven’t had something to say but.

But if you wish to see how issues hyperlink in, their report on the discharge of Angelos and the gamers in that act will begin to join the dots.

What Trump’s Pardon Means For This Man Who Served 13 Years In Prison For Marijuana


Talking about acts, this appears to be like like it might nicely play out like a Shakespearean tragedy with hashish as Lear  with Goneril ( The Cannabis Freedom Alliance )  and Regan ( The Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education) each vying for the Kingdom.


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