No, she is saying that safety clearance is an essential course of, and one which the administration doesn’t management. You cannot work in sure jobs with out clearance. Drugs are part of that, as a result of, habit means an individual is weak to exterior affect. Anyone who has watched cop dramas is aware of that is true.

News retailers need to make this about Biden being a hypocrite. However, federal regulation is what it is, and from what I learn, the individuals fired had been both nonetheless utilizing hashish (which might be unlawful of their job as federal staff) or had laborious drug utilization of their past as properly.

I actually suppose this is far much less of a scandal than the best way during which it is being introduced. Neither Biden nor Harris have been full supporters of hashish, so why is it stunning? Joe is outdated and Kamala was a prosecutor. Some of these positions could have developed with public opinion, however they had been by no means activists so🤷‍♂️.

If something adjustments will probably be as a result of Congress places ahead a regulation and mainly makes Joe signal it. No one ought to count on any management from the chief workplace. It is not a precedence to them.

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