While marijuana utilization is equal throughout racial teams, Black persons are extra more likely to be arrested and convicted for possession of the drug in Wisconsin, in accordance with a new report from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

Milwaukee County’s arrest disparity is decrease than Wisconsin, however Black persons are 3.2 % extra seemingly than white folks to be arrested there. The worst disparities in Wisconsin are in Ozaukee County, the place Black persons are 34.9 % extra more likely to be arrested and Manitowoc County, the place Black persons are 29.9 % extra more likely to be arrested, according to data from the American Civil Liberties Union.

“There is a lot of established research that shows usage of marijuana is equal across racial and ethnic groups, but what this shows here is a difference in whom this is enforced on,” stated Branden DuPont a knowledge analyst on the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Institute for Health & Equity, who co-authored the report.

Racial disparities additionally persist in convictions for possession. In 2019, Black Wisconsinites had been 4.3 % extra seemingly than their white counterparts to be convicted for having marijuana.

But these disparities appear to be on the decline. In 2010, Black folks had been 9.5 occasions extra seemingly that white folks to be convicted for possession of marijuana in Wisconsin, in accordance with the report. [Read more at Wisconsin Public Radio]

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