Brushing your tooth is a kind of habits that’s seen as unquestionably helpful. For probably the most half, it’s protected to imagine you can by no means brush your tooth an excessive amount of, or throughout inconvenient instances of the day. But dentists say that brushing your tooth after you eat has some adverse negative effects that could possibly be detrimental to your well being.

While it makes excellent sense to brush your tooth after you eat, it is best to wait awhile earlier than you do it. Here’s why: Digestion begins within the mouth, creating an acidic surroundings proper after you’re achieved consuming.

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Photo by Artem Labunsky through Unsplash

“When you eat foods containing sugar (or simple starches that break down into sugars inside your mouth), cavity-causing bacteria inside your mouth feed on the sugars and produce acid. When your teeth are exposed to a highly acidic environment, it temporarily weakens your enamel (the hard, outer surface of the tooth) by causing it to lose minerals,” pediatric dentist Dr. Jin Lin told Best Life. “Rubbing your enamel with a toothbrush when it is in this weakened state may further damage the enamel.”

Brushing your tooth would possibly unfold the acid in your mouth round, inflicting hurt when paired with the rubbing movement of the comb.

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You ought to wait no less than an hour after you eat to brush your tooth. This period of time permits your digestion to maneuver previous the oral stage, eliminating that acidic surroundings that would have occurred while you consumed these meals. Once an hour has handed, your saliva will do its job and return your mouth’s pH again to a standard state, which is what you need while you brush your tooth.

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