Why is weed sticky? Well, trichomes are the high-quality crystals discovered on buds — they’re what makes sticky weed and what provides dank weed that lovely powdered sugar look. Trichomes comprise resin and an excellent majority of cannabinoids, in any other case referred to as the compounds that get you excessive so their presence is vital. Good weed could have A LOT of trichomes and be not less than barely sticky while you contact it — there’s a cause “that sticky icky” is glorified in rap songs, it’s good weed. And what does unhealthy weed appear like? Well, it’s going to really feel dry and never have all these dank crystals overlaying it.

Color is one other clue to the standard of your weed — if the flower materials has a wealthy coloring, whether or not it’s deep inexperienced or comprises purple streaks (we’re you Purple Haze), then it’s most likely not less than respectable. Low high quality flowers look yellowish or brown. Yellow might point out that the flower was grown on a sick plant or that it didn’t get sufficient daylight, each will produce a decrease THC rely than a wholesome plant grown in full solar. A brown colour might point out oxidation, which means that it’s been round for some time, and time is the killer of even the dankest buds.

In good buds, there aren’t any seeds, definitely not seen ones, the form is suitable for the pressure, and there’s no mildew or mildew. Reggie buds might lack construction, really feel “fluffy”, have a great deal of seeds, and maybe worst of all, comprise mildew.

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