To calculate THC quantities in edibles, we’ll assume that the hashish flower used accommodates 10% THC to simplify the strategy. If you already know the share of THC in your pressure, or use our THC proportion chart, you’ll be able to alter the next method accordingly –

  • 1 gram of hashish = 1000 mg
  • X 10% THC = 100 mg
  • 1 gram of hashish = 100 mg THC

Now, you’ll determine the whole quantity per the variety of grams you utilized in your butter or oil base. Because 3.5 grams is the usual quantity of hashish flower to oil, we’ll use this for instance.

100 mg THC x 3.5 g hashish = 350 mg THC in 1 cup of butter or oil

Lastly, to determine your ‘per dose’ mg quantity simply divide the whole quantity of butter or oil that was used within the recipe. So, in the event you used 1 cup of butter or oil with 350 mg to make a batch of 15 cookies, every cookie accommodates roughly 23 mg of THC. If you solely used ½ cup of the butter, you’ll divide 350 by ½ first, equaling 175 mg. Then 175 mg divided by the whole quantity of items the recipe makes.

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