The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be in power after kicking off firstly of final yr. The numbers rose steadily, and on the time of writing, over 107 million individuals have contracted the virus, with 2.three million having misplaced their lives. In latest months, a light-weight on the finish of a protracted and scary COVID tunnel has lastly include the event of a vaccine. The vaccine is supposed to guard individuals from the virus in sure methods in order that the world can return to normalcy.

The growth of the COVID vaccine has raised fairly a number of questions in relation to preexisting well being circumstances and different medicines. Those who’ve a historical past of extreme allergy symptoms to any ingredient or element of the newly created Pfizer vaccine are the one ones listed as unable to get it, and never a lot has been stated in the best way of different well being circumstances. So, what does that imply for medical marijuana customers? Would dosing with MMJ have an effect on the COVID vaccine? Let’s discover out.

Does hashish intervene with the COVID vaccine?

Many individuals who use medical marijuana as a technique to cope with a power situation could also be questioning whether or not their remedy will affect the COVID-19 vaccine, or vice versa. Unfortunately, there’s restricted data on the results that MMJ has on the vaccine, if any in any respect.

Since there aren’t any identified interactions between the COVID-19 vaccine and the usage of hashish, it’s protected to imagine that the 2 is not going to react to 1 one other in any critical method. Depending in your situation, it might be a good suggestion to talk along with your well being care supplier previous to getting the COVID vaccine.

Image by CDC on Unsplash: There isn’t any proof to assist that medical marijuana will have an effect on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Should I cease taking MMJ to get the COVID vaccine?

Since there aren’t any identified interactions between medical marijuana and the components within the COVID-19 vaccine, it might not be essential to cease taking MMJ to get the COVID vaccine. The vaccine works by offering your physique with a selected protein that’s designed to register because the virus. This then initiates an immune response the place COVID-specific antibodies might be created. These antibodies will keep within the physique to keep at bay an an infection or sickness from COVID-19 when you do occur to return throughout the virus following widespread vaccinations and when security measures are eased.

One factor to contemplate whereas utilizing medical marijuana while you’re planning on getting the COVID-19 vaccine is how effectively your immune system capabilities, and whether or not or not the MMJ could possibly be weakening it. For the vaccine to work because it ought to, the immune system will want to have the ability to correctly reply to it. Some research recommend that marijuana has the flexibility to suppress immune exercise, which in concept might reduce the vaccine’s results.

Smoking and COVID vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine is not going to give anybody the virus. What is used within the vaccine is a kind of blueprint of the virus in order that the physique can create antibodies based mostly on data it’s given by mRNA. This signifies that it’s unlikely that smoking medical marijuana and getting the COVID-19 vaccine will result in adversarial results.

Smoking does hinder the immune system, although, which might result in a suppression of immune perform. Those with a weakened immune perform might not have the ability to develop as many antibodies as their wholesome counterparts, which might make the vaccine much less efficient. However, this isn’t definitive, and in case you are not on the strict “no go” record for the vaccine, it is best to converse to your physician about getting it.

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Image by CrystalWeed Cannabis on Unsplash: Since smoking marijuana can hinder the immune perform, switching dosing strategies could also be choice for these trying to get the vaccine.

How to make sure the efficacy of the COVID vaccine for MMJ customers

If you want to get the vaccine and are ready to take action, you could need to think about switching your dosing technique to one thing aside from smoking. Smoking medical marijuana can have detrimental results on the lungs. All sorts of smoke comprise carcinogens and toxins which are launched from the combustion. When you inhale this smoke, these substances get into the lungs. There are loads of other ways to dose MMJ, akin to edibles, topical ointments and lotions, oils, and patches.

Since you employ medical marijuana for a medical situation, it’s additionally essential to remain on high of your dosing so that you’re at your healthiest when taking the vaccine. This will be sure that it really works because it ought to and that you just proceed to expertise reduction out of your well being situation whereas being shielded from this harmful virus.

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