For many people, smoking marijuana is synonymous with rolling joints. Many of us don’t actually know what different options there are aside from a joint.

You can also discover conditions when there are not any smoking papers accessible for joints, so you should purchase options which are each handy and pleasurable for you. Do these options have the identical impact as rolling joints?

There are extensive ranges of options to rolling joints. Besides, a couple of of them are extra handy to make use of and are standard decisions, too. Let’s discover extra about these choices.


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Bongs are a extra handy and straightforward to make use of possibility for hashish smoking. It could make you excessive shortly. The solely factor you want is water. This can be the one detrimental; the water may spill out from bong, or the water could be unavailable.

Bongs include totally different supplies like glass, metallic, wooden, plastics, ceramics, and most popularly bamboo. Bongs additionally differ by way of design. These embody percolator bongs, carburetor bongs, gravity bongs, straight tube bongs, multi-chambered bongs, and way more.


smoking from pipe exposes you to more germs than a toilet seat
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Pipes are essentially the most primary instrument for marijuana lovers. It is extra fashionable, trendier, and cheaper than different choices. These choices are straightforward to make use of and carry. Pipes can have totally different shapes and sizes. Other than that, pipes like these are created from totally different supplies like glass, wooden, clay, and even metallic.

It is fairly easy to make use of pipes. Just grind the hashish and canopy the little gap of your pipe together with your thumb or index finger. Now, use a lighter to run the flame over your weed. Inhale and chill out.

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Some individuals make errors about positioning the lighter in smoking. You have to position the lighter excessive of the bowl till the weed is ready to lit by itself. The different main mistake is exhaling together with your mouth on the pipe. This can blow weeds out of the bowl. That is an entire waste of your marijuana grind.

In fashionable days, glass pipes are getting standard. That is as a result of they’re see-through and don’t get as sizzling as metallic pipes. Also, glass pipes hit actually clear and there’s no distinction in hashish style. Though they’re costly and may break aside, you’ll discover extra numerous and coolest designs in glass pipes.

Dab Rings

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This is for very potent marijuana extracts. You can attempt budder, honeycomb, or shatter-like extracts with dab rings. It concentrates extracts through the use of the vaporization technique. Because of the intense efficiency, dab rings can take your excessive to all-new ranges.

Dab rings don’t want lighters; as an alternative, blow torches work nice for dab rings. As dab rings exclude combustion, it’s a lot more healthy than different strategies. You may even discover its vapor purer than common hashish smoke.


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A bubbler is a type of a mixture between a bong and a pipe. The unit is small and straightforward to deal with — similar to a pipe. Besides, it might probably make you excessive shortly, just like bongs. Most bubblers are made with glass. Bubblers have spherical chambers both on the edges or on the backside.

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Bubblers are additionally distinctive as they’ve a chamber containing water. The smoke produced by weed passes by this chamber and cools a bit, which provides customers a contemporary style of marijuana. Bubblers even have variants, although. The commonest sorts are hammer bubblers, pendate bubblers, double bubblers, and sherlock bubblers.

Gravity Bongs

A gravity bong or water bong is a highly regarded solution to smoke hashish at residence. It is sort of straightforward if you realize the methods. All you want is a few easy, accessible supplies for this. Let’s discover how to do that at residence.

  1. Use a field cutter to chop a plastic bottle into two items.
  2. Now use aluminum foil to wrap the mouth gap in order that it will get the form of a bowl.
  3. Poke three to four holes within the aluminum for airflow.
  4. Now fill a container with water and place the bottle in that container. Place it in order that mouthpieces keep above the waterline.
  5. Place weed on the foil. Now, mild issues up.
  6. Make certain you pull the bottle a bit upward while you’re lighting it. This will fill smoke shortly.
  7. Lastly, push the bottle again into the water. This will push smoke upward, and you’re prepared for marijuana smoke.

Corn Husks

Corn husks are a highly regarded different to rolling papers. Corn husks are pure, and many individuals select this as a more healthy possibility. In truth, individuals in Jamaica and Latin America choose this as their first possibility. Before making an attempt to smoke with it, ensure the husk you need to use is dry and clear. Also, corn husks present a pure taste of hashish smoke.

Corn husks are pure fibers with common stripes. These maintain marijuana extracts extra tightly to its floor. In the case of corn husks, specialists consider, it’s higher to smoke slowly to indulge extra with marijuana flavors.

Soda Can

Here's What You Should Know About CBD Canned Drinks
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This is one other easy and straightforward technique of weed smoking. Convert the soda can to an entire smoking system. Make some holes on the crease and a crab on the opposite facet of it. Add some ground-up marijuana inside and light-weight it. Now you’ll be able to inhale the weed by a mouthpiece.

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Though soda can work as an important smoking system, it has some well being hazards to rely. The aluminum of its can might not be secure as an aluminum foil. Besides, soda cans have inks painted on its floor. When you’re heating weed on a soda can these inks will soften and may launch chemical compounds to your weed.

Other than that, some individuals smoke immediately from the soda can. Soda might need residual caffeine and sugar molecules. These could make you excessive past your expectations. So, attempt soda can sparingly however not as a daily technique.


How To Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling A Joint
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This might be the best of all strategies the place fruit will help you to get excessive on hashish.

  1. Jam a pen or a screwdriver within the apple to make a tunnel from the highest and facet of an apple. Make certain the tunnels join to one another.
  2. Line the apple with aluminum foil and poke aluminum foil into the holes.
  3. Place the weed on aluminum foil and begin to mild it.
  4. Now, inhale the smoke from the facet gap.

You can attempt an identical means of fruits like guava, avocado, pear or with dragon fruits. There is lots to experiment with. But, don’t attempt with juicy fruits, that may spoil much more of your marijuana extract.

Hot Knives

This is a century-old technique of smoking. The technique is a straightforward and efficient solution to shortly inhale hashish smoke. You want two knives and a range or a candle for this. Heat the knives to medium warmth and be sure you don’t burn your palms close to handles.

After a couple of minutes of heating, place a chunk of bud or some hashish extract on one and squeeze it between two knives. This will produce smoke shortly, and also you simply must inhale.

Rose Blunts

Though it isn’t a well-liked technique, many individuals select this as a substitute. Take three rose petals and warmth them in a pan for ten seconds. After heating them, lick the petals and add floor weed to make your blunt.

If wanted, you may give one other ten seconds of warmth within the oven for a greater rose blunt. Do not overheat the petals, or else they’ll dry to a crisp. That can create issues when rolling. Make certain, petals have some moisture after heating in order that they roll the most effective rose blunt.

Hookah Pipes

How To Smoke Marijuana Without Rolling A Joint
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This is a well-liked smoking system within the Middle East and in components of the Indian subcontinent. Hookah pipes additionally account for an elite type of weed smoking. Smoking hashish out of hookah pipe could sound sophisticated however in actuality it’s a lot simpler.

To get began you want coal, aluminum foil, tongs, water, and clearly the hookah pipe. You also can add shisha of various flavors to make it extra tasty. You can combine the weed with tobacco or shisha and place it on the backside of the flask. Make certain, you place the hashish on the highest in order that it does dry up shortly within the smoking course of.

Hookahs have a bigger bowl which makes it a super possibility for group smoking. Other than that, it has the least danger of tooth staining and you’ll get the contemporary odor of hashish leaves.

Plastic Lung

Plastic lung resembles the identical airflow performance as bongs. It can be a course of to make you extraordinarily excessive. To make a plastic lung, you want aluminum foil, scissor, tape, and a 2-liter bottle. Let’s discover how you can make it in easy steps.

First, minimize the container into half. Now, use tape to connect a plastic bag to the underside half of this container.

Secondly, wrap aluminum foil across the mouthpiece in such a approach so it kinds a bowl form.

Thirdly, pierce some holes on aluminum foil earlier than you set marijuana on it.

Finally, Light the weed and pull the bag to create suction. Lift off the foil as soon as the bag will get full. You are actually able to inhale.

Final Verdict

There are alternative ways to get excessive with marijuana. Rolling a joint will not be the one possibility. In truth, you need to attempt totally different strategies to make issues attention-grabbing.

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