LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Corvain Cooper, a Los Angeles man who was going through life in jail for nonviolent marijuana crimes, returned residence Friday after a last-minute commutation.

“I want to give all glory to God,” he stated. “I can’t wait to see my kids, I haven’t seen them in years.”

Cooper, 41, was sentenced to life in jail with out the likelihood for parole in 2014 for his participation in a conspiracy to distribute marijuana — his third strike — and had been serving his sentence at a federal jail in Louisiana.

But his prospects for an early launch improved in 2017 when modifications in California’s regulation decreased each of his prior drug convictions from felonies to misdemeanors.

“And it’s just, thank my attorney for really delivering on his word and never giving up on me and all the people, all the letters, all the things, all the activists groups — there’s too many names to list — I love Last Prisoner Project, I love everybody,” he stated. “It’s just too amazing. It’s better than the lottery. The lottery can’t touch this.”

Cooper was one among greater than a dozen folks whose sentences for crimes associated to marijuana had been commuted by President Donald Trump throughout his closing days in workplace.

Marijuana is now commercially authorized in 15 states and authorized for medical functions in 34 states.

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