A couple of years in the past, I noticed marijuana as a drug given by the satan itself, however now, after the reality is slowly revealing itself about how hashish helps deal with most cancers, ADHD, and different neurological illnesses we didn’t know existed, I get very pissed off and I wish to know why this drug is prohibited.

As I did extra analysis, I apparently discovered that most of the “negative affects” of this drug haven’t even been confirmed to be dangerous due to weed’s unlawful standing. Apparently, based on enterprise insider, “long term studies on weed’s health affects has been limited” as a result of its illegality. Therefore, not permitting us to seek out out the true long run impacts of weed because of the many research which have been prohibited by regulation. I imply for fucks sake, EVEN THE FDA CLAIMED THAT WEED MEDICATION MAY TREAT EPILEPSY. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! THE FDA!

I’m beginning to get actually pissed off concerning the truth weed is prohibited within the first place and I actually can not work out why it’s even prohibited. Even after all of the illnesses that weed has been show to assist treatment, it’s STILL ILLEGAL FOR RECREATIONAL AND MEDICINAL PURPOSES IN CERTAIN STATES AND PARTS OF THE WORLD! WHY?!?!? I genuinely desire a good rationalization as to why the precise fuck this superb “drug” has the aptitude to treatment illnesses, and but, as a substitute of utilizing actual drugs like weed, we’re nonetheless being pumped with pharmaceutical drugs that aren’t solely unhealthy, however don’t work within the first place! It nearly sounds as if the one cause weed has been unlawful was in order that large pharma might accumulate extra cash…….

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