Sea of Green, normally abbreviated “SOG,” is a technique of rising marijuana that forces flowering at a younger age. The crops can have solely been in vegetative state for about two weeks. This technique permits you to harvest a lot sooner than rising your crops usually.

Better Harvests and More Marijuana

SOG growers usually have time constraints, as properly. Certain marijuana varieties take longer than 10 weeks to finish their vegetative cycle. With the SOG technique, you get extra harvests and extra marijuana. This is technique employed by bigger operations the place a constant provide is required.

Growing cannabis under artificial light means that you need to make use of that light more efficiently. This is because you’re paying the electricity bill, but also because you want to get the most out of your plants. Many grow rooms are set up to light plants from above. With this system, the upper leaves and branches cast a shadow on the lower sections, meaning that there is always part of the plant that’s not receiving as much light. When you pack the plants in close proximity, you create a canopy of buds that makes the most out of your light. One big HPS light will only give you one option for lighting, but multiple HPS grow lights will give you greater light coverage across your entire crop.

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The SOG method is particularly helpful with massive portions of cuttings from a cloned marijuana plant. It saves you from having to purchase seeds and likewise ensures that your crops will probably be feminine and of a prime quality. SOG grows usually don’t require pruning, however some growers prefer to tidy up the decrease branches under the cover. This helps the plant put its give attention to the principle bud and enhance the general movement of air beneath the cover. You can even clone these cuttings and supply one other bunch of SOG crops to maintain the system on repeat.

How to Use the Sea of Green Method

You don’t must have any particular expertise for the SOG technique to be efficient. All you actually must do is perceive the idea. The lack of a want for coaching and pruning makes SOG one of many best strategies for rising weed.

Step-by-step Guide

Below you’ll discover a easy step-by-step information to the Scrog technique:

  1. Germinate seeds or take cuttings to create clones
  2. Grow them utilizing 18 to 24 hours of sunshine till they attain round 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) in peak
  3. Space the crops out at about 1 or 2 crops per sq. foot (30cm by 30 cm) and alter the lighting routine to 12/12 to pressure flowering.
  4. Once a dense cover of buds types, trim the branches beneath and use them for clones.
  5. Harvest while you’re prepared.

‘You can pack short plants tightly together in a “sea of green” (SOG) or a “screen of green” (SCROG) to maximize yield.’ ~ Jorge Cervantes

Some growers start a 12/12 lighting regimen when the marijuana plants are only about 6 inches tall. Likewise, some growers may pack the plants more or less densely depending on their preference. Requirements will change depending on the variety and the grow room. Use this guide as a base, but make adjustments as necessary for your particular situation.

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SOG systems generally work better with indica varieties because of their short stature and single primary cola. Sativas can work, but they are typically too “leggy” for the SOG system to work well. Best is to top sativa strains a few days before changing the light cycle to 12/12.

Strains for SOG Growing

Indicas like:

are good for the SOG method.

Sativa’s like:

are also good options when topped.

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FAQ About the Sea of Green (SOG) Method

Which sort of pressure is best for SOG?

Sativas can work, however Indicas are usually extra becoming.

What are the advantages of SOG?

SOG permits you to maximize your area with out sacrificing on yield. It may be very properly suited for business growers.

Are there any downsides to SOG?

Combining Indica and Sativa varieties is hard. Pests and illnesses can unfold quickly, and it takes extra time to have a tendency the crops (massive variety of crops).

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