Growing Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know About Feminized Seeds

Are you curious about rising a crop of hashish or marijuana? If so, have you learnt the place to begin, what seeds to purchase, and the way to put together the rising atmosphere?


The solutions to all of those questions are outdoors the scope of this dialogue. Therefore, let’s begin by contemplating the seeds, particularly feminized seeds, that you simply want to purchase as your crop’s start line.


At the outset of this dialogue, it’s vital to be aware that rising a cannabis crop from seed will be very rewarding. You get to take the crops via a whole development cycle as a substitute of planting clones or cuttings from an present marijuana plant. While cloning is the quickest approach for hashish growers to harvest a marijuana crop, it’s not practically as satisfying as planting seeds, watching them germinate, after which develop till they bud.


What are feminized seeds?


Feminized seeds are hashish seeds which can be bred to only produce female plants as soon as they’ve been planted, as opposed to common seeds which have a 50% likelihood of rising male crops.


The highest quality bud is the unseeded bud from a feminine plant. A seeded bud produces harsh smoke. Additionally, solely feminine crops have consumable buds. Male crops produce pollen sacs as a substitute of flower buds.


As highlighted above, it’s doable to plant common seeds, however then you could have to have the option to intercourse the crops to take away the male crops from the crop earlier than they mature and pollinate the feminine crops.


Therefore, it’s not in any hashish grower’s pursuits for a male plant to get into the crops and fertilize the feminine crops. Secondly, as a result of male crops don’t produce flowers, even when they don’t pollinate the feminine crops, it’s nonetheless a waste of area and soil to enable male crops to attain maturity.


Consequently, breeders and growers developed the feminized seed to enhance the probability that solely feminine crops will develop when these seeds are planted. This reality additionally reduces the chance of unintentionally incorrectly sexing a male plant as feminine and leaving it to develop amongst your crop of feminine crops, pollinating the feminine crops, leading to nugatory seeded buds.


Note: While feminized seeds normally solely develop feminine crops, there isn’t any assure that each seed will incubate right into a feminine plant. Therefore, it’s important to regulate the crops to make sure that if there are any male crops, you possibly can take away them earlier than they pollinate the feminine crops.


Where to discover feminized seeds


Feminized seeds are a mainstream merchandise. Therefore, it’s doable to purchase them out of your hashish seed banks world wide. If you reside in a metropolis or nation the place it’s authorized to develop your personal hashish, you have to be in a position to purchase feminized seeds out of your native hashish seed supplier or on-line.


Feminizing marijuana seeds


While it’s most likely higher to purchase feminized seeds from a good supplier, additionally it is doable to feminize your personal hashish seeds.




Succinctly acknowledged, feminized hashish seeds are fashioned via the method of genetic manipulation. In abstract, the thought is to get the feminine plant to make pollen. Only male crops produce pollen below regular circumstances, but when you may get the feminine plant to produce pollen, you could have pollen that solely accommodates feminine chromosomes. Thus, you could have feminine crops that can pollinate the feminine crops rising the flower buds. Ergo, feminine plant + feminine plant equals feminized seeds.


There are 3 ways to drive feminine crops to begin producing pollen.



  1. Colloidal silver


The first method is to spray the feminine plant with colloidal silver whereas it grows and transitions into the flowering section. This chemical promotes the expansion of pollen sacs on a feminine plant. After the pollen sacs on the feminine plant have matured, use it to pollenate the feminine crops that haven’t been sprayed with colloidal silver. As a end result, these feminine crops will produce feminized seeds.


Colloidal silver is outlined as an answer of tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid. The measurement of those particles differs, however some are so small that they’re often known as nanoparticles. It is probably price noting that colloidal silver was used as an all-purpose treatment to deal with infections and sicknesses earlier than fashionable antibiotics had been developed.


  1. Silver Thiosulfate


In a way comparable to the colloidal silver method, spray the younger feminine hashish crops with silver thiosulfate. The silver thiosulfate suppresses the manufacturing of ethylene, needed for flowering. As a end result, these feminine crops are inspired to develop pollen sacs, and the resultant pollen can be utilized to pollinate different feminine crops, leading to feminized seeds.


  1. Rodelization


While that is an all-natural methodology, it’s not as dependable as colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate. It takes benefit of the truth that an unpollinated feminine plant will generally kind its personal pollen sacs. In different phrases, when put below stress, a feminine plant will generally turn into a hermaphrodite and produce each female and male reproductive organs. In the pure order, it’s “normal” for feminine crops to reproduce, so if not pollinated by a male plant, the feminine plant will develop its pollen sacs to guarantee it pollinates itself. In the rodelization methodology, you drive a feminine plant to develop pollen sacs and use this pollen to pollinate common feminine crops, leading to feminized seeds.


Final ideas


Lastly, it’s price noting that crops grown from feminized seeds don’t normally produce seeds. They ought to solely develop, mature, and produce unseeded, resinous buds, which is the top purpose of elevating a marijuana crop.

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