You could have been distracted by all the presidential election stuff spammed into your consciousness day by day to note that Cannabis is at an all-time excessive when it comes to recognition. A current ballot set the plant’s recognition in relation to leisure legalization at 70%.


However – hashish wasn’t the solely ‘thing’ that has seen an uptick curiosity throughout the 2020s. Witchcraft and the occult usually has seen fairly a surge in recognition as of late. In truth, a couple of occult retailer homeowners have commented on the phenomenon.


“People have come in asking for spells for protection or charms for healing and we’ll work that with them. We also get a lot of requests lately for the election,” mentioned Blake. [Store Owner of Malliwaybros in Chicago – source]


If you may take a step again and respect what’s occurring right here you’ll discover that we’re seeing a serious shift in paradigm occurring inside the US and the world.


The outdated institution methods are crumbling and individuals are returning to extra intuitive arts to specific themselves, to search out peace and uncover their very own spirituality.


Cannabis as a Catalyst for Psycho-Spiritual Transformation


I’ve been reporting on hashish associated information and concepts for over a decade now. At first, I assumed that the shift in public notion about hashish and medication usually was resulting from a common consciousness in the failure of the drug struggle.


I assumed, “People are finally seeing the folly of their ways. You can’t legislate appetite, it only leads to chaos-manifest”.


These days nonetheless, I believe that my authentic evaluation was far too simplistic and monotone. I consider we’re in a radical paradigm shift, breaking away from older monotheistic establishments or “The Major Three Religions” which have dominated the world with an iron fist for hundreds of years.


People are not looking for “more of the same” any extra – it was one in all the main explanation why Trump is even in the White House at this second.


The establishments have failed us and when the shit hit the fan, the authorities bailed them out whereas “the people” bought caught with the invoice.


Cannabis is extra than simply reclaiming the proper to consumption however reasonably it’s a rejection of ‘institutionalized pharmaceutical model’ and a return to the historical methods of plant-primarily based drugs. In truth, you youthful folks may not concentrate on the origins of RSO and how they clandestine healer helped hundreds fight and recuperate from most cancers.


The development appears to be extending to the different medicinal substances reminiscent of psilocybin, DMT, LSD, MDMA and so forth.


The Occult as a Map to the Unconscious


If you really enterprise down the path of learning the “occult” you’ll shortly notice that a number of our fashionable science, psychology, chemistry, drugs, and rather more are intricately intertwined with “witchcraft” and “Magick”. Notice the distinction of spelling.


Yet when the rationalist motion beset the sciences, they made approach with all of the rituals and mysticism. Rather, an embrace of logic and purpose was most popular and whereas this did assist get us to the place we at the moment are – plainly a basic a part of ‘self’ was deserted in the pursuit of data.


Arguably – the unconscious thoughts is the grasp of your actuality. Most of what you want and dislike, the pals and lovers, the conditions of pleasure and disappointment, are principally a by-product of unconscious processes. While logic and purpose is a good way to consciously talk knowledge, it is painfully inefficient when speaking with the unconscious.


This is the place ritual and mysticism comes into play. The unconscious understands metaphor and imagery above phrases and knowledge. The occult embraces this idea and ‘dresses the knowledge in robes and chants’ as a way to align each the acutely aware and the unconscious thoughts to give attention to a single level. At least to my understanding. I’m certain many would differ in opinion.


Nonetheless, we’re seeing the occult fill the area that when belonged to monotheistic myths of the earlier period.


The Rise of the Cyber Shaman


With all the things pointing in direction of extra integration with know-how and a basic paradigm shift in faith, authorities, and generalized religious practices – I consider that the ‘new religions’ of the future will incorporate components from totally different psycho-religious paradigms.


However – I do see a big return to the notion of plant-primarily based drugs in conjunction with a worldwide shift in direction of growing the manufacturing of renewable power sources.


Who is aware of what can be the subsequent nice religious revelation that can basically change the approach we do issues, maybe a mixture-match of techno-religious rules the place labor is outsourced to machines and the place individuals can discover their consciousness with varied totally different means obtained from the occult.  


Perhaps I’m solely speaking to the wind – however I don’t suppose so. I’m certain those that are nonetheless studying this text at this level can attest that there was a “calling” and that these “back channels have become far more active”.


Could one think about a shift to plant-medicines as one other symptom of this nice social transformation? Have you been dabbling in the Dark Arts?




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