CANNABIS CULTURE –  Shared MDMA experiences are “like waking from a dream, and having something there to reassure you that not every part of the dream was fake,” says Psychedelic comedian, founding father of Hello SciCom and emcee of the Listening to ecstasy Webinar — Sarah Rose Siskind.I signed up for this digital journey anticipating to cowl a e book launch celebration for Charley Wininger’s e book about his personal journeys with MDMA, and his mission to set the file straight relating to what it will probably and can not do. 

Psychedelic comic and founding father of Hello SciCom, Sara Rose Siskind

The invoice included folks like Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) founder Rick Doblin; Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) creators and visionaries, Alex and Allyson Grey; and Author of Good Chemistry, The Pot Book, and Ecstasy: The Complete Guide, Julie Holland, MD.

What I attended, although, was a household gathering so heat and caring that it made me miss my very own tiny bubble of enlightened hippies. I shed various nostalgic, joyful tears as presenters shared their psychedelic origins, journeys and discoveries—and their ensuing manifestations. 

Charley and Shelley Wininger (taken from Forbes 10-14-2020)

“What I always like to say is that it isn’t about the psychedelics. It’s about the community,” Wininger mused. Charley and Shelley Wininger definitely appear to be at the heart of theirs. They host common pot lucks in their house, the place they eat, revel in one another’s firm, and have severe, necessary discussions like “What’s your favorite medicine and why?”

Of the pure manner their very own New York neighborhood got here collectively, Wininger famous that “[People] had no one to talk to about the thing that was most important to them. […] So people were just thrilled to be able to talk openly.” 

The Winingers could not have been anticipating what they fell into, however their lives are fuller due to it. “It was a surprise at the beginning. Shelley and I entered a forbidden world of drug users, and we found it to be enchanted.”


According to Siskind, “You can give vets MDMA to cure their PTSD from wars, or you can give people [civilians]MDMA to stop the wars.” 

Julie Holland talked about the blissful stillness she skilled the first time she took MDMA. “The first thing I remember was quiet.” She went on to explain the feeling of readability that washed over her. “There was something about this, where I could see the whole lay of the land.”

Sheila Burgel (taken from

WFMU DJ and host of Sophisticated Boom Boom, Sheila Burgel, shared that her first time taking MDMA helped her recall a traumatic occasion from when she was very younger; and that lots of her points with anxiousness at the time have been associated to the incident from the previous.

In these first moments when the MDMA began to kick in, “I am very scared. The fear is so big. I take two breaths. It’s like I climbed through the turbulent clouds into that smooth place.” From there, the emotional work shifted from insurmountable to manageable.

She now takes ecstasy about every year beneath therapeutic, integrative supervision. “MDMA is the single most important thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Alex and Allyson Grey informed the jubilant story of their first imaginative and prescient of the now well-known Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York. If you guessed that it was whereas they have been taking MDMA, you’d be appropriate. 

Alex and Allyson Grey (taken from

Talking over one another, laughing, and weaving a way of time and area without delay separate and so very current, “In this experience we both envisioned the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors—without talking or touching—while blindfolded.”

And the webinar viewers collectively melted at the sound of Antonio Cuevas, a Cacique Chief, sharing the time his neighborhood of 15 or 20 took MDMA collectively. His recollections of all the totally different feelings of the group introduced everybody in the webinar again in time to that day. 

“One Brother pulled his couch out of his house and sat there for, like, the whole eight hours. […] He just kept saying, ‘Thank you, Brother! Thank you!’”

MDMA, like most psychedelics, is slightly totally different for everybody. According to Wininger, “It’s not like marijuana. And it’s not like LSD at all. There’s a shock about what it’s not.” 

“Shelley and I have found that MDMA can serve as emotional super glue, or Gorilla Glue. We were fine without it, but it added another layer of depth, authenticity, and intimacy that wasn’t there before.”

Rick Doblin stated of his experiences with MDMA, “The shift is not so far away from normal, so it’s easier for integration. Your ego doesn’t dissolve.”

MDMA: The Answer to The Ails of the World?

I was suspicious of letting my hope relaxation on the results of gear—no matter authorized standing. It appeared to me that there was one thing lacking when folks claimed to instantly perceive the universe after an evening on psychedelics. 

Sure, I nonetheless have flashbacks to the pleasure and the insights I skilled that one summer season—now greater than 20 years in the past—once I tripped on LSD almost each day. But, did it change the trajectory of my life or my private progress?

Maybe I’d be extra sure if I had set an intention past having a rebellious, good time. Or if I had taken it surrounded by individuals who cared about my emotional and psychological improvement. 

Over the years, I’ve discovered that the actual hope lies in the context of neighborhood created by the sense of connectedness that psychedelics appear to arouse inside us. When we use psychedelics with the intention of discovering new methods to connect with our environment and one another, that’s when the long-term magic occurs.

Stay Safe Out There, Kids

If you’re going to take MDMA, Wininger says to maintain the following in thoughts:

  1. It’s actually necessary when coping with MDMA to know what you’re doing and respect its energy.
  2. Know who ought to and shouldn’t do it. DO NOT take MDMA if in case you have a coronary heart situation or epilepsy.
  3. It is VITAL to ensure your MDMA is pure. If it’s laced with the flawed issues, it will probably kill you. The solely technique to know for certain if it’s pure or not is thru a take a look at equipment, which yow will discover at
  4. Don’t do greater than 120mg without delay, and don’t enhance with greater than 60mg.
  5. Don’t combine with every other medication (besides possibly slightly hashish).
  6. Make certain you are taking a 5-HTP supplement earlier than mattress the night time you roll, and once more earlier than mattress the subsequent night time, to assist forestall the “Tuesday Blues.”
  7. Hydration is important.
  8. Don’t do it for the first time by your self. “What happens there, is that you end up with a feeling of being all dressed up and no place to go. Which you don’t want with your first time on MDMA.”

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