Bill Stocker could possibly be thought-about the archetype of a conservative voter: He’s a retired Marine and former police officer who voted for President Trump. But he’s additionally amongst the majority of South Dakota voters who broadly legalized marijuana this month.

Stocker, 61, mentioned implementing marijuana legal guidelines will get in the means of pursuing different drug crimes and referred to as warnings about the ills of marijuana “a bunch of baloney” that even folks in a Republican stronghold like South Dakota now not imagine.

South Dakota’s values of “personal responsibility and freedom” gained out, mentioned Stocker, who lives in Sioux Falls.

The 2020 election helped show how broadly accepted marijuana has grow to be all through the United States, with measures to legalize leisure pot additionally breezing to victory in progressive New Jersey, average Arizona and conservative Montana. Fifteen states have now broadly legalized it, whereas 36 states permit medical marijuana.

Voters in Mississippi overwhelmingly accepted medical marijuana this month, giving the drug one other foothold in the South.

A Gallup Poll launched Nov. 9 indicated that 68% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana – double the approval fee in 2003. That extensive margin was evident in the election, with marijuana measures passing with robust bipartisan help. [Read more at CBS News]

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