When it comes to psychedelic experiences – I’m very explicit about how I am going about my enterprise. Having over two-a long time of psychedelic expertise to my identify, I’ve refined my course of to guaranteeing that I’ll have an wonderful journey just about each time.


I gained’t make the declare that I can assure an incredible journey each time as a result of ‘you’ do play a major position within the nature of your personal journeys.


Nonetheless, in case you observe these easy directions, you’ll have the ability to let go and luxuriate in a psychedelic expertise for what it’s –  a consciousness transformation.


The Benefits of Non-Ordinary States


Non-Ordinary States, whether or not induced via Breathwork, meditation, or psychedelics can have a profoundly constructive impression on one’s life. A Recent examine discovered that psilocybin therapy have been four times more effective in treating melancholy than typical anti-depressant medicine.


However, using non-abnormal states for private transformation goes again hundreds of years. Shamans, Mystics and Healers have lengthy identified that by accessing these states, people can invoke vital transformation in their very own lives.


However – contemplating that these are “non-ordinary states” – individuals with little or no expertise are encourage to devour with extra skilled individuals. This in reality, is among the first “rules” of getting journey. More on that later.


A psychedelic state can permit you to see an difficulty from a totally completely different perspective, detach your self from your self, change into one thing fully completely different, form your consciousness into no matter it needs.


This scares individuals, nonetheless – “You” are all the time in management…if the medication are good that’s.


Ensuring that you simply’ll journey heaven not hell


In my 20+ years of journeying by means of psychedelic planes of existence, I’ve by no means skilled what individuals name “bad trips”. I’ve by no means had the nightmare journeys individuals refer to. Perhaps it’s as a result of I’m taking too little or my physiology works in a different way – however “bad trips” don’t occur in my presence.


I believe the primary purpose for my tripping success is that I rigorously plan out the expertise. I do know that when I’m beneath the affect of a actuality-bending substance, I want to plan forward for “future Reginald”.


There’s plenty of logistics that goes into planning the perfect of journeys.


Let’s discuss SET & SETTING


Set and Setting are phrases that refer to your setting and the individuals that you simply encompass your self with. Set, we will consider like a “movie set”. Think about your psychedelic expertise like a “ride” that can final for X period of time. Some final 6 hours, I’ve had others that lasted for weeks and even months. [this happened to me due to many different factors but mainly several kilos of peyote and no self-control]


For your Set, you’ll need to rigorously plan out what you need the place. You’ll need to have meals ready, drinks and snacks accessible.


You’ll need to have sleeping sectors market off, within the case somebody needs to crash they know the place it’s. You’ll additionally need to be sure that the place you’re going to be consuming the psychedelics is protected, far-off from “non-trippers” and might be safe at some point of the journey.


Next, “Setting” refers to the individuals and the way of thinking. For instance, it’s a really completely different expertise utilizing psychedelics for “spiritual healing” than for “having fun on a Friday and letting loose a bit”.


The individuals you encompass your self with is of the utmost significance. If you’re a beginner, get somebody with extra expertise to information you thru the primary few goes. Eventually you are able to do a solo-journey, however identical to leaping out of a airplane…you’ll want an teacher first.


Once you’ve got your setting secured and have individuals you want and belief round you, you’re good to go.


Extra issues to contemplate


Weed is your pal! Have a lot of weed readily available. If you assume you’re shopping for an excessive amount of weed for a psychedelic journey, you’re in all probability not shopping for sufficient. I’ve as soon as smoked by means of an ounce of hydro at a rave tripping on 2 hits of acid. Every hit re-ignited my visuals and people round me checked out me as if I used to be some type of ganja god.


They didn’t know I used to be on acid although – so I simply saved on hitting this poor dude’s stash till it was just about gone. Not my most interesting days however in case you’re a nub that takes premium weed to a rave and shares it with everybody in a circle – you’re sure to get you’re stash smoked dry.


Anyhow, weed is your pal. Booze is okay too, however solely on issues like LSD and maybe MDMA. I personally like some whiskey on my acid journeys nonetheless for mushrooms, I am going full vegetarian.


Get a playlist of music. Search for “music to trip to” or “Acid music” or no matter, you’ll discover issues like Papadosio, The Big Something, Puscifer and so forth….all are wonderful. Add albums you don’t even know and simply attempt to make a big sufficient playlist of tolerable tracks to placed on random and go away for the evening.


Another professional tip is to make “Trip Spaces”. A Main tripping house the place the music, drinks and meals are shut. Perhaps it is a fireplace pit or the eating room desk – however it’s often essentially the most accessible spot within the setting.


Make a couple of “darker” rooms with low lights, decrease music – utterly completely different vibe. Here you’ll be able to have some Lo Fi playlists and even some clean jazz to merely stage out the vibe. You can simply get “stressed out” on psychedelics, having completely different spots with completely different environments helps quite a bit to endure the journey until the tip.


The greatest tip for tripping is that this; settle for something and the whole lot that can come your method throughout the journey. Even if stuff will get a tad bit scary, simply take a couple of deep breaths, smoke a doobie, chill out…and have enjoyable. What comes up should comes down, and even within the densest of journeys – you could find your method out once more.











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