Darkwing Duck at Auschwitz

Scrooge McDuck - courtesy Carl Kruse Art Blog

Scrooge McDuck Protects His Money in Front of Auschwitz

Beyond Abstract Expressionism

BERLIN, BERLIN, GERMANY, November 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — During the previous 11 years, artist Yury Kharchenko’s work has mirrored on his Jewish identification, which influenced his youth within the last years of the Soviet Union in addition to his upbringing and inventive training and life in Germany. In a time of accelerating anti-Semitism and right- and left wing populism, Kharchenko’s latest paintings breaks new floor, making it clear that he won’t retreat, that he’ll assert his existence vehemently and self-confidently.

Many of Kharchnko’s earlier work may very well be affiliated with Abstract Expressionism, akin to his well-known collection of homes. His latest work departs dramatically from this angle, and finds him mixing popular culture figures with fantasies of violence and tabooed references…

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