Sen. Ledama Olekina: Politicians are hypocrites. [Bryan Amulyoto/Spice FM]

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina and researcher, writer and theorist Gwada Ogot consider it’s time Kenyans begin having a dialog on the financial advantages of legalising marijuana.

“Let me not kid you. Right now, in parliament, probably 80 per cent of the lawmakers smoke marijuana,” Lekina advised Spice FM Wednesday.

During the radio talk-show, the duo challenged the established order in a nation that sees the plant as a taboo matter regardless that it is perhaps the pot of gold that would save the nation from a lot of its woes.

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“marijuana is the world’s most profitable crop. marijuana can transform our national economy. It’s able to sort the doctors’ and the teachers’ salary. marijuana is the only basis for a universal healthcare program. It’s the basis of Africa’s pharmaceutical industry,” mentioned Mr Ogot.

“There are certainly so many advantages and I feel it’s simply concerning the time we grow to be extra liberal to have a look at…

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