We love his cat image !  Attention Green Country growers! Cultivation of marijuana is a felony on the Muscogee Creek Reservation.

I’m Tulsa legal professional, James Wirth.


We’re about to debate the Muscogee Creek Nation Code and the way it offers with cultivation. All proper. So all of that is related as a result of of the McGirt Decision that got here out in June of 2020 the place the United States Supreme Court held that the Muscogee Creek Tribal Reservation was by no means disestablished by Oklahoma Statehood. And what which means is that there’s a good chunk of Northeast Oklahoma, together with most of Tulsa County, and all of them, many of the surrounding counties, are literally half of the Muscogee Creek Tribal Reservation, and native Americans residing in that space are going to be topic to the legal guidelines of the Muscogee Creek Nation, in addition to state legislation and federal legislation.

So in case you are/have a develop operation, and also you’re Native American, you’re going to be topic to those legal guidelines. So it’s necessary to know what they are saying.

So right here’s what they are saying. If you go to Muscogee Creek Nation Code, which I’ve obtained one other video that exhibits you the place to get that, you need to go to Title 14, Section 2-519, and it’s concerning The Cultivation of Illegal Plants. And it’s fairly easy.

It says: “The crime of cultivation of illegal plants occurs when a person knowingly cultivates or produces an illegal plant or permits the cultivation of it.”

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