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(Editor’s be aware: This is a casual abstract of a scientific paper revealed in The Cannabis Scientist.)

The cannabis business has solely informal definitions for terms which are essential to the business.

That leads to inefficiencies, as consumers and sellers would possibly describe related merchandise with a number of completely different names or assume they’re working from a shared definition.

Established commodity markets use strict terminology to outline the bodily nature of merchandise and the particular traits that outline its high quality – and instantly affect pricing.

For instance, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has specs for power markets outlining particular gravity, sulfur content material and viscosity. Buyers get a product appropriate for the meant use, whereas sellers get a good value primarily based on these specs.

The professionalization of cannabis requires some new norms. We want to share language to do business higher.

To construct that shared cannabis language, we gathered enter from business stakeholders and subject-matter specialists on the 2020 MJBizCon Emerald Conference.

We offered proposed definitions, had a full of life dialogue, then voted on whether or not the proposed definition needs to be adopted.

Here are the cannabis business terms that had been settled on:

Term Original, Proposed Definition Final Definition
Biomass Cannabis plant materials that has been harvested from the sector for the aim of cannabinoid extraction. The ensuing product consists of cannabis flowers, leaves and stalks and has been dried to lower than or equal to 12% moisture on a dry-weight foundation.


Harvested cannabis sativa (together with hemp) plant matter.


Flower Material that has been harvested, climate-controlled cured, dried to lower than or equal to 12% moisture on a dry-weight foundation and trimmed for the particular function of retail consumption as a shopper product. Biomass flower is to be freed from any molds, mildews, pesticides, herbicides and different contaminants.


The flowering portion of the plant, usually denser in trichomes, cannabinoids and terpenoids than the remainder of the plant matter comparable to stalks and fan leaves.


Crude Cannabinoid-containing biomass that has been refined utilizing CO2 supercritical extraction or different equal extraction strategies to focus cannabinoids to an oil state. The ensuing liquid is a thick however viscous amber to gold-colored liquid, usually exceeding 50% cannabinoid focus.


Material extracted from cannabis (together with hemp), usually with solvent-based extraction strategies, that features compounds of curiosity (normally cannabinoids and terpenes), lipids and waxes.


Winterized oil Winterized crude oil is non-winterized crude oil that has been additional refined by the method of winterization and decarboxylation to take away numerous waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and different undesirable plant materials. The ensuing product is an amber- to gold-colored liquid usually exceeding 50% cannabinoid focus.


Material, usually an oil, refined to take away lipids and waxes from crude.


Distillate Distillate is a extremely refined extract usually containing a cannabinoid efficiency exceeding 75%. The distillation course of includes using solvents comparable to butane or alcohol or solventless extraction strategies to produce gold to clear viscous liquid. Full-spectrum distillate accommodates an undisturbed and full cannabinoid profile, exhibiting measurable quantities of CBD, THC and different cannabinoids comparable to CBG, CBC, CBN, and so forth.. Material refined from cannabis (together with hemp) focus, utilizing distillation to separate compounds of curiosity. Often discovered to comprise excessive percentages of single compounds.


Isolate A pure white, crystalline powder exceeding 98% for one particular person cannabinoid. Through the refining course of, all natural plant matter comparable to waxes, chlorophyll and plant oils have been eliminated, leading to a extremely concentrated product that’s freed from different cannabinoids.


Material comprised of near-pure single compounds of curiosity.



We’ll maintain evolving and lengthening this cannabis lexicon, aiming to ultimately have an internationally acknowledged organic and chemical classification system.

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