It’s been an agonizing few days for many people, as we await election outcomes to roll in. But it’s been particularly harrowing for Trump supporters as Joe Biden’s numbers proceed to creep nearer to President Trump’s in swing states.

It could also be why Former Trump performing Director of National Intelligence and present Trump Advisor Richard Grenell is somewhat bit on edge in the present day. He lashed out at reporters who, throughout a press briefing this morning about alleged voter fraud in Nevada, requested a quite simple query: What’s your identify?

It was one of many first questions a reporter threw out as Grenell started his presser:

After he stepped away from the rostrum, reporters stored asking him to provide his identify, which is a normal question from any journalist who needs to precisely attribute data. Instead of answering, he snapped at them.

“Listen, you’re here to take in information!” Grenell shouted.

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And when the press pool set free a collective snicker at his obnoxious directive, he acquired even angrier and demeaning, yelling, “Go do your jobs!.”

You can take a hear right here:

After the press conference, NBC’s Jacob Soboroff pressed Grenell to back up his claims of voter fraud. As you can imagine, that went over well.

Note: If you don’t want to give your name, maybe don’t give journalists a reason to splash it all over the news for a story that makes you look petty.

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