odd reasons to not legalize weed

While there are a plethora of explanation why one ought to legalize hashish, there may be an immeasurable quantity of “odd reasons” why not to legalize it. For instance, “Space monkeys” could be a very odd cause to “not legalize weed.” It doesn’t make a lot sense as a result of ‘what are space monkeys?’ and why would they be opposed to hashish legalization within the first place?


Sure – this state of affairs of cosmic apes floating about giving a rattling concerning the legalization happenings right here on earth is likely to be far-fetched. But right here in 2020 odd-issues-occurring appear to be the flavour of the yr.


For instance;  Jared Polis’ Governor of Colorado lately responded to a tweet from Tom Angell that listed the potential income if Texas have been to legalize hashish. He stated, “Yes BUT it would reduce tourism to Colorado, so make sure to consider Colorado first in any Texas decisions”Source


Of course, to any particular person born previous the yr 2000, this could possibly be seen as a “so what moment”, nonetheless – for these of us who have been born within the sweaty armpit of prohibition, having sitting governors jest about hashish legality is a reasonably large deal.


However, he’s not the one one who’s jesting about different states “keeping it illegal for their own state’s revenue sake”. Governor J.B Pritzker from Illinois additionally stated in reference to their state’s hashish market and the illegality of surrounding states the next; “it (cannabis) gives us a chance to collect tax revenue from the residents of Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa and Indiana.”


Illinois receives tens of tens of millions of {dollars} in tax income from out of state guests – and evidently governors which can be open to legalization are seeing the profit.


Is all of it concerning the cash?


In the case of Polis, it appears that he’s legitimately in favor of hashish and believes in undoing the injustices attributable to prohibition.


It must be all concerning the cash both. Cannabis legalization – whereas it’s tax profitable is way extra vital than simply “money”. It’s about well being, social dissonance, systemic oppression and extra importantly, an acknowledgement that “what happened with cannabis prohibition was WRONG”.


This is the second time that the federal government thought it might be a good suggestion to merely prohibit a substance with none consequence. The first time, with alcohol prohibition we noticed the rise of Mafias and violence erupted on the streets.


With the drug warfare, that violence merely was outsourced to Mexico and different international locations. Where the Mafia holds some energy on a neighborhood degree – Mexican Drug Cartels at the moment are transnational crime syndicates that personal Army Generals and different authorities officers.


They now visitors folks, smuggle weapons and basically helps to deteriorate the security of America – contemplating that in addition they function in each major city in the US.


As you may see – if we don’t maintain the federal government accountable for the insurance policies it makes and enforces so strictly and relentlessly – we’re doomed to repeat them.


This mindset of prohibition stays entrenched inside the authorities “hive mind”.  We can see it occur with Kratom presently the place the FDA and DEA needs to ban it even though it’s comparatively secure for customers and helps them ween off opioids.


It’s time we re-suppose our method to these insurance policies and if you begin noticing governors joking about “using hypnosis to make other governors legalize weed” – it appears we’re heading in the right direction.


Change occurs over time, and then you definately’re there…


When we glance again on the early 2000s someday within the distant future, we’ll have a definitive level of partition to say, “Yes, they legalized weed in 2021 and ended the prohibition against cannabis” however that might not be correct.


For these of us residing by means of these occasions, we all know that change occurs over time. First it was states like California that legalized in 1997 together with Washington and Alaska. At that time it was purely medical, however over time, and fifteen years later, Washington and Colorado legalized leisure weed.


Now – eight years later we have now Canada with a authorized weed system, Mexico on the verge to develop into the world’s largest hashish market and the United States additionally discover themselves on precipice of large change.


Never neglect


We’re solely now, 83-years after the federal government determined to implement the “Marihuana Tax Act” getting to a degree the place one of essentially the most useful crops recognized to human-sort is turning into obtainable as soon as extra.


For those that are anxious concerning the political scene – welcome to the way it has all the time been. The solely distinction is that now you’re awake and there’s no going again. You’ve acquired to begin holding your elected officers at larger requirements.


We can’t allow a handful of folks resolve the fates of everybody and have or not it’s the “law of the land” for greater than eight a long time. The sheer quantity of ache and carnage that call created is an unacceptable place that must be “canceled” by the outraged.


Never neglect – lest we’re doomed to go on our sins to future generations.








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