Cherry-picked knowledge, half-truths, misinformation, misrepresentation – even threats of violence – have been rife within the lead as much as the cannabis referendum. Jo McKenzie-McLean takes a glance again on the accusations, allegations and if it performed a component in individuals’s votes.

Flood the zone. A Donald Trump technique for “effective” political communication – mainly making a discipline of misinformation that makes it tough for individuals to know what is correct.

It was this tactic Professor Joseph Boden, from Otago University’s Department of Psychological Medicine, says no-campaigners used to successfully sway votes against the legalisation and regulation of cannabis.

University of Otago department of psychological medicine professor Joe Boden.


University of Otago division of psychological drugs professor Joe Boden.

“The No Campaigners employ a lot of techniques to try to bamboozle people. Flooding the zone absolutely would have impacted on how people voted. Misinformation is rife and people know how to use it.”

* Referendum results:…

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