Afghan Canadian rapper Kresnt, has been making waves for some time now releasing four albums and roughly thirty singles in the previous three years. He at present sits at 80,000 month-to-month listeners and is extremely energetic on social media, offering constant content material for his 127Okay followers. Priding himself on his various vary of vocal potential and his lyrical storytelling.“It’s easy rapping or singing about nothing… or about how much better I am than other people but that shit gets boring”-Kresnt His honesty and relatability are very obvious and an enormous draw for his followers who observe Kresnt not only for his music however as a result of the relate and like him on a private degree.“Speaking with my viewers on actual issues helps differentiate myself and permits my music to develop with them somewhat than get outdated. “-Krensnt

Album break down


This mission is fairly mellow in tone, it’s delicate and melodic working with a slower BPM. Notes and finish the of phrases are drawn out and fade into the distance giving the mission a really melancholy really feel leaving area for Kresnt to discover and categorical himself lyrically. He creates intricate storylines by every music utilizing lush instrumentals and beats with heaps of layers and dynamism. Kresnt rolls easy catchy choruses into, advanced verses, that each equally categorical his inside emotions. Auditory stand outs from this mission embody “Valley of darkness” and “Soul search“. The two mix delicate drawn out intrumentals and verses which can be contrasted by upbeat punchy choruses, which completely characterize the inside turmoil Kresnt goes by.


Kresnt has all the time been open and trustworthy as an artist. Yet “Ahmed” reaches a brand new degree, by revealing his true title as the title of the mission, and being very candid on each observe diving deep into advanced matters. “Ahmed” is a brief however candy album that focuses on storytelling and self expression above all else.“The goal with any of these projects isn’t quantity, it’s when I feel like the story or journey needs to end” –Kresnt

It comprises seven tracks that construct upon one another contributing to the deeper message behind this mission. “I’ve never been shy or hesitant to explore my insecurities, teach lessons that I’ve learnt in life” –Krensnt Derived from his relationship with his metropolis and its individuals, “Ahmed” offers with themes of the isolation and betrayal Kresnt has skilled in the pursuit of private targets. “Ain’t no love, In the heart of the city, Played my Part, Hope y’all still with me” – Heart of the metropolis “I love the city but it’s time to move out, find a new route, Its crowded, And no ones really about it, When they see, something makes waves, Man, they try and go drown it” – Valley of darkness “This city is so small, I see the same people everywhere, They always tryna tear me down, And in my ear about some wack shit, And I just, I, I can’t, I feel restricted in my own city, yo, Like I can’t be myself, I just feel really stuck, ya know?” –Soul Search.

Throughout every observe you possibly can really feel Kresnt ache, and may’t assist however relate to him. As he grapples with the relatable emotions of being betrayed by these you’ve supported, all the whereas striving to be good and preach positivity. The level of this mission is to not be mad or upset about the what occurred, however to precise emotions and transfer on unburdened. “Themes of disloyalty, lack of hometown love and heartbreak  is something that you need to get over quickly in order to be great.” -Kresnt ” I deal with individuals like household and all the time anticipate them to do the similar. This is the place I made the mistake” “The world has a population of over 7 billion people and you want to impress your local community? Get acceptance from your high school peers? Fuck ‘em and just keep working”-Kresnt

Ahmad Zahir

Kresnt additionally takes this time of reflection to pay tribute to 1 of his idols, well-known pop singer Ahmad Zahir, who’s a legend in the Afghan music business. For how he pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and reimagined what music he may create. He traveled the world gaining influences from many cultures, implementing them into his music, which has all the time been an enormous inspiration for Kresnt. Zahir has been referenced on each mission King H has launched, however on “Ahmed” Kresnt has given Mr. Zahir the highlight. Paying homage to him by the album and singles covers, options in music video “Soul Search“, and in the album’s title itself “Ahmed” (Kresnt’s authorized title) is a reference to Mr Zahir’s first title Ahmad.“This project had moments where I felt the reincarnation of his spirit, The reason behind the image was to help resurface his image and bring more light back to his original pictures. As a man who went against the grain and pursued a career in something that is still looked down upon in our culture, there was no way I could not show homage to Ahmad Zahir.”-Kresnt

Recovery Roads

The initiatives storyline culminates with the final observe “Recovery Roads”. It’s the longest observe in the mission, and has a darkish, forbidding beat, coupled with verses that depart nothing to query. Often sounding like a spoken phrase poem, specializing in delivering trustworthy info over making it sound cool. It has a strong impact that leaves a mark of sorrow in your coronary heart. The observe unites all the themes of the album in a painfully trustworthy expression Kresnt’s inside emotions. How he feels about his metropolis, how individuals he’s trusted harm him, the controversy in his household as a result of of his option to pursue music, and his profession in music itself. The good the dangerous the ugly all of it is right here, we see inside Kresnt’s minde as he wonders if he’ll lose the individuals closest to him in the pursuit of his profession and what is going to occur if all of it comes crumbling down.“Will you go love me, If this all falls down down down” He talks about how alone he feels attributable to him specializing in work and pursuing his targets “I don’t get no sleep, Ain’t seen my bro in weeks, I feel alone” He brings in round once more paying his respect to his older brother and supervisor Kane for his help and thanks him for all the time being there for him. “Still in my zone, Thanks to me and my older brother, See we let our dreams, Intervene, And get between, … I can’t stand on my own that’s why I got Kane”Recovery roads.

Final phrases

To sum up, “Ahmed” is a effectively-written and produced assortment of music, that offers with advanced topics brazenly and actually in a matter that all of us can relate to.

Thank you for the continual support and just know the best is yet to come. Listen to every project from the start to finish because everything is sequenced for a reason. Love yall!” -Kresnt

Thanks for taking the time to learn and be taught extra about the album. I encourage you to take a look at Kresnt’s Genius web page to get extra data on every observe and skim the lyrics for your self.

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