There are hundreds of hybridized weed strains on the planet, and in the event you traced all of them again to their true origins, you’d most likely find yourself at Haze. It is the genetic spine of the world’s best-known sativas. Though an illustrious pressure with such an previous history, the tales of its origin are unconfirmed and rumour. 

A quick history of Haze

Legend has it that the Original Haze cultivar was developed in Santa Cruz, California, within the early 1970s by two brothers: R. Haze and J. Haze. The brothers crossed a Mexican landrace with a Colombian landrace, which was then crossed with a Thai landrace. The outcome was a hashish flower with a fancy combine of earthy, citrus, and spicy terpenes. Haze is the only motive we affiliate sativas with cerebral highs that get you mentally and bodily energetic.

During its conception, the brothers have been in touch with David Waston, culturally generally known as “Sam The Skunkman,” father to the legendary Skunk #1 pressure. In his time working with the Haze brothers, Sam got here into possession of the Original Haze genetics.

At some level within the 1980s, Watson moved to Amsterdam and took hundreds of seeds with him, together with Original Haze. While in Amsterdam, he began working with Neville Schoenmakers, an Australian hashish breeder and scientist. From there, the Haze torch was handed to Neville, who then used it to breed the well-known Neville’s Haze. He additionally began the Seed Bank, which is now generally known as Sensi Seeds.

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Today, a whole bunch of Haze strains have been bred, and the identify that after referred to a single Haze plant now refers to a whole selection of cultivars. Below, take a look at seven of the preferred strains that carry its legacy right this moment.

Neville’s Haze

The story of how Neville Schoenmaker bought his arms on Haze seeds is actually a thriller. The most-told story — and the one we all know above — says he bought them from Sam The Skunkman, however there are additionally tales of Neville saying he bought them from the Haze Brothers himself. 

Neville bred three most important Haze hybrids: Haze A, Haze B, and Haze C. Neville’s Haze is the tip outcome of crossing Haze A with the indica Northern Lights #5, then crossing that pressure with Haze C. It is considered a cheerful and giggly excessive that folks love for daytime actions. 

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is greater than only a Jimi Hendrix tune, it is also one of the Original Haze phenotypes. According to tales by The Skunkman himself, the Haze Brothers had three most important Original Haze phenotypes: Purple Haze, Silver Blue Haze, and Lime Green Haze. Obviously, Purple Haze is the preferred of them. 

It’s named after its brilliant purple flowers that give off a candy, musky terpene scent and style, adopted by a relaxed and euphoric excessive.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze was bred by Amsterdam’s Soma Seeds, crossing Thai, Afghani, and Hawaiian landraces. Amnesia Haze has a candy berry and citrus terpene profile. It is considered an uplifting and euphoric pressure that is good for enhancing your temper.

Silver Haze

Silver Haze is a traditional sativa with two doable origins. One supply says it got here from Sensi Seeds, crossing Silver Pearl, a pressure with Skunk and NL genetics, and Haze. Another supply says that it got here from the unique members of the Green House Seed Company who retooled their very own Super Silver Haze and named it “Silver Haze.” 

Regardless of how we bought Silver Haze, the one factor shoppers famously know are its results. Like many sativas from its time and lineage, Silver Haze supplies a cerebral excessive that energizes shoppers. 

Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a citrus-flavored pressure that offers off an uplifting expertise. Like many lemon strains, its terpenes produce a excessive that will not make you sleepy, however will as an alternative go away you feeling extraordinarily stoned and glad. 

Lemon Haze is a cross of Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. It’s named after its citrusy taste profile that offers technique to a relaxed and glad excessive that works nice for social actions. Much like Lemon G, it has extra stress-free results than individuals would affiliate with sativa-dominant Lemon strains. If you smoke an excessive amount of of it, do not be shocked if you wish to do completely nothing afterwards.

In addition to Lemon Haze, there’s additionally a well-known Super Lemon Haze that was bred by crossing Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Both Lemon Haze and Super Lemon Haze present related highs.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is one of my favourite wake-and-bake strains. No matter how groggy I get up feeling, just a few hits and a cup of espresso get me able to run via a brick wall — or write for the following few hours with no need a single break.

Not to be confused with Silver Haze, Super Silver Haze was bred within the 1980s by Green House Seed Company. It has an earthy and barely gassy scent to it with a spicy style. Like many strains of that point, it had genetics from Haze and a Skunk hybrid that was crossed with Northern Lights #5. 

In 1998, Green House’s Super Silver Haze won the 11th Cannabis Cup.

Mango Haze

Mango Haze is one other Haze hybrid with Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights #5 genetics. It usually has an earthy, mango, and citrus terpene profile. The results often go away shoppers in a relaxed euphoria that works nice for managing sure illnesses. 

There’s additionally a CBD Mango Haze that many shoppers look for aid from ache and anxiousness.

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