How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Urine?

Updated: October 2020

How lengthy does marijuana keep in your urine? What about saliva and hair? And how do you go a marijuana drug check? Here’s a have a look at what the science says.

When conducting a marijuana drug check, corporations typically use a urine check. It’s been confirmed to be fairly correct and easy sufficient to manage. So right here’s what you have to know:


Factors Determining Cannabis in Urine

There are a number of elements that decide how lengthy weed stays in the physique and plenty of private attributes like weight, genes, and private habits can affect the time THC takes to not be identifiable in the urine.

  • THC share of the hashish being consumed
  • The BMI of the individual consuming the marijuana
  • The price of consumption (how typically they smoke)
  • How quick the patron’s metabolism works
  • How a lot liquid a person consumes every day


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Marijuana in Urine

With this in thoughts; right here’s what the analysis exhibits in regards to how lengthy marijuana stays in your urine:

  • If you devour marijuana as soon as, it ought to be out of your system in 5 to 13 days.
  • Cannabis will keep in the system for 10 – 45 days for individuals who devour it a pair or just a few occasions per week.
  • For heavy shoppers (5 or extra occasions per week) it could keep in the system for as much as 90 days.

Verywell.com created this picture as an instance the detection occasions of marijuana in the physique. As you may see hair and urine are the most effective strategies for detection however urine check are much more speedy and low price so they’re most typical used.


A urine check is often performed at a well being care supplier’s workplace or the place a well being skilled may be current. The particular person is requested to urinate in a cup. The check leverages response strips that detect the presence of THC or associated chemical substances (referred to as metabolites) in the urine.

The metabolites are saved in the fats cells of the physique and are launched slowly over time. If greater than 50 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) of THC is current in the urine, the check will determine it.  The check is kind of correct and outcomes are fast.

urine drug test


Saliva and Hair Tests:

Saliva Marijuana TestTwo different in style strategies are saliva assessments and hair assessments. Saliva assessments are the least invasive; for those who’re a every day smoker, research have proven that in most cases it ought to be fully out of the system after 72 hours. If you smoked hashish solely as soon as, it can seemingly be out of your system in 24-48 hours.


On the opposite hand, Cannabis may be discovered in the hair for as much as a yr after final consumption. Many corporations have stopped utilizing hair drug assessments, nonetheless. Part of this is because of analysis launched which discovered that hair assessments can have false-positives for marijuana “because of transfer through cannabis consumers, via their hands, their sebum/sweat, or cannabis smoke.”


How do I Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

The most secure and only option to go a urine drug check for marijuana is to abstain from consuming it; for those who’re a heavy smoker, this may increasingly imply abstaining for 2 months or extra.

Another choice is to search for Marijuana detox merchandise (strive doing a easy Google search). You’ll discover a plethora of choices for cleansing your system and clearing your urine; we extremely suggest studying critiques first, nonetheless, as some work significantly better than others. We did discover the next merchandise that will give you the results you want:

Additionally, you may dilute the marijuana in your urine by consuming huge quantities of liquid. This may go to shorten the period of time the THC is in your system. However, it’s not magic and gained’t mean you can go a check for those who’ve smoked not too long ago.

If taking a marijuana saliva test, abstaining for just a few days ought to be sufficient for even heavy customers. If you may solely abstain for a day or two previous to the check; suck on the sourest sweet you will discover for a pair hours beforehand.

If taking a marijuana hair test, there actually isn’t a lot you are able to do, sadly.



THC-COOH is the principle secondary metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is shaped in the physique after hashish is consumed. Most drug assessments don’t check for THC; they check for THC-COOH.

The cause this is a matter is as a result of THC-COOH can keep in the physique for longer than THC.

We have created one other articles particularly to share extra info on THC-COOH.


What about CBD Consumption?

Standard drug testing assessments for THC metabolites, not CBD. This signifies that consuming CBD won’t make you fail a drug check; that’s as long as it has had all of its THC eliminated; or if it’s hemp derived (that means it can have already got just about no THC).


Can I do know forward of time if I’ll go a drug check?

There are many residence check kits that one can take to seek out out for those who’ll go a drug check. These are over-the-counter and may be bought on-line. Here are just a few we recommend:

Final Thoughts

Drug assessments have come a good distance and have grow to be fairly dependable over the previous decade. If you might be required to go a hashish associated drug check for work, navy service, or authorized causes, it’s necessary to know how lengthy THC and different metabolites keep in the physique.

And despite the fact that there are robust detox choices in the marketplace, on the finish of the day, solely time will enable all traces of THC to go away the physique. So be planful.

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