The newest NIDA hit piece entitled, “Associations Between Prenatal Cannabis Exposure and Childhood Outcomes” [Source] geared toward discovering what results smoking or consuming hashish might have on unborn fetuses.


This was picked up by CNN who wrote an article entitled; “Using weed during pregnancy linked to psychotic-like behaviors in children, study finds” [Source] Except – Study didn’t “find” that in any respect. In truth, in case you take the time to learn the research you’ll shortly discover that it takes loads of superior arithmetic to return to that conclusion.

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And anybody who is aware of the best way to mess around with chances and statistical math is aware of that you should use numbers to “prove any position”. Considering that NIDA funds 95% “anti-cannabis studies” – we discover ourselves fearing the psychotic fetus. I assume Halloween- amirite?


But earlier than we outright dismiss the findings of this alleged research, we should check out their findings and never merely dismiss the knowledge as a consequence of our personal inner biases.


How did they give you the info?


In order to give you their findings they centered on the next;


This cross-sectional evaluation of 11 489 youngsters (655 uncovered to hashish prenatally) discovered that prenatal hashish publicity after maternal information of being pregnant was related to larger psychopathology throughout center childhood, even after accounting for doubtlessly confounding variables.


These knowledge factors are immediately derived for his or her research and haven’t been modified by me in any respect. As you’ll be able to see, out of 11,489 youngsters they recognized solely 655 who had been allegedly uncovered prenatally to cannabius after maternal information This is the metric used to find out whether or not children had “more psychotic-like behaviors” in a while of their life.


Interestingly sufficient, the authors admit that alcohol and tobacco use was much more prevelant than hashish use – nevertheless, no comparable checks had been utilized to the “alcohol only” or “tobacco only” teams. Only Cannabis was the main target and thus an unbiased comparability shouldn’t be obtainable. This regardless of the authors claiming that they made “proper adjustments.”


It’s additionally essential that someplace down the center of the doc they make the next assertion;


“Indeed, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recently concluded that only reduced birth weight has been robustly linked to prenatal cannabis exposure.”


Meaning that out of all of their knowledge – the one form of correlated factor that may be scientifically confirmed is that fetuses uncovered to hashish prenatally had a decrease BMI. Apparently this holds true even when folks age as a result of it seems that almost all hashish customers have a decrease BMI than non-cannabis people who smoke.


Nonetheless, regardless of the declare above, the authors of the research continued.


Among 11 489 youngsters (5997 boys [52.2%]; imply [SD] age, 9.9 [0.6] years) with nonmissing prenatal hashish publicity knowledge, 655 (5.7%) had been uncovered to hashish prenatally. Relative to no publicity, hashish publicity solely earlier than (413 [3.6%]) and after (242 [2.1%]) maternal information of being pregnant had been related to larger offspring psychopathology traits (ie, PLEs and internalizing, externalizing, consideration, thought and, social issues), sleep issues, and physique mass index, in addition to decrease cognition and grey matter quantity (all |β| > 0.02; all false discovery fee [FDR]–corrected P < .03).


Essentially, there allegedly extra psychopathological traits current within the “cannabis-only” group, which made up lower than 5% of the research.


Once extra – there was no comparability between the results of alcohol and tobacco, nevertheless – there are many research that already point out that it isn’t good.


Are you saying it’s secure to smoke weed whereas pregnant?


Firstly – don’t ever learn blogs and take them as medical recommendation. Secondly – I’d by no means advocate something to anyone by way of their well being. You have to do the analysis. What I’m doing is exposing defective scientific procedures that get reported in main information shops after which seep into the mass consciousness of society believed to be truth.


It’s not my job to show something however moderately to reveal the vulnerabilities in logic and purpose in the case of research that has the potential to affect laws. Sadly – these publications and research are being funded by the US Government which means that there are tons of of research in search of to disprove the advantages of hashish in comparison with these in search of to seek out its therapeutic potential.


Nonetheless – we are able to check out historical past and see that many individuals have consumed hashish whereas pregnant and their offspring have been effective. However – I’m not a medical skilled and I’d a lot moderately have researchers do full analysis on the subject material so we’re all positive.


However – the introduced analysis doesn’t meet the factors for severe science. The research in query moderately makes use of eloquent arithmetic to realize their purpose of proving that in case you smoke weed throughout being pregnant – you’ll beginning Norman Bates or some comparable demon spawn. Beware!


On a severe notice – please do sufficient analysis on this in case you are pregnant. Do not depend on blogs for medical recommendation. 








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