Cannabis plant (28748518)

Health & Social Care first modified the regulation in 2019 to allow authorised specialists to prescribe the drug, however that bumped into issues as a result of there have been none on the island.

The absence of any native docs on the UK Specialist Register requesting to prescribe medicinal natural cannabis led Health & Social Care to take a look at adjustments to the regulation to allow islanders to get hold of legally a prescription from a UK physician and have it imported into the Bailiwick as an alternative.

‘These recent legislative changes build on the amendments made by HSC in 2019,’ mentioned medical director Dr Peter Rabey.

‘They will allow the lawful importation of prescribed medical cannabis from the UK by the institution of a licensing course of.

‘They can even prolong the flexibility to prescribe medicinal cannabis to embrace GPs moderately than simply specialists.

‘Occasionally there are unexpected sensible obstacles when laws is amended. As quickly as this was recognized, HSC prioritised the mandatory…

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