There are tasty strains, after which there are genuinely scrumptious dessert strains. Dragon Fruit is the second. This impressively fruity pressure is a superbly balanced 50/50 hybrid that’s superb for anybody who needs all of it. It averages 25% THC, which is able to impression even probably the most jaded hashish connoisseur. With a critically lifted head excessive and a gently relaxed physique buzz, Dragon Fruit is a superb choice for any severe smoker. Take a puff of this magic dragon day or evening.

The Dragon Fruit weed pressure was created via an impressed cross of Super Silver Haze and Snow Lotus. These strains are what give Dragon Fruit weed its potent and nice results. The even stability of indica and sativa affords the perfect of each worlds, letting you unwind with out winding up on the sofa.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
50% / 50% 12-14 ounces per sq. meter 14-16 ounces or extra per plant 8-10 weeks indoors, mid-October open air.

Our Dragon Druit Strain Review

This is what makes Dragon Fruit such a preferred therapeutic pressure. It’s depth, mixed with the shortage of couchlock, affords freedom from every part from persistent ache to persistent despair. Judicious use of Dragon Fruit will help handle signs that milder strains can’t even contact.

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Information About Dragon Fruit Strain

ORIGIN Super Silver Haze and Snow Lotus
EFFECTS physique buzz, relaxed
FRAGRANCE contemporary and fruity
FLAVORS Dragon fruit with a touch of natural tea
Dry eyes – 5
Dizzy – 2
Headache – 1
Paranoid – 1
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 8
Insomnia – 8
Depression – 6
Lack of urge for food – 4
THC CONTENT % averages at 25%
CBD % 0.40%
INDICA/SATIVA % 50% / 50%
INDOOR YIELD 12-14 ounces per sq. meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 14-16 ounces or extra per plant
CLIMATE Best grown in Mediterranean climates
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE Resistant to mould however could be vulnerable to fungus and spider mites

* 10 is the very best
* 1 is the bottom


There’s no ready for Dragon Fruit to kick in. This pressure hits rapidly with an intensely cerebral euphoria. The excessive is stoney however energized, leaving your thoughts a bit hazy and filled with the giggles. There’s little question when it hits as a result of the euphoria is unimaginable to disregard. The ensuing excessive is ideal for speaking and socializing so long as focus isn’t mandatory.

The physique buzz is an ideal complement to the spectacular head excessive. Tingles slowly unfold via your physique as a gentle feeling of leisure spills via your muscular tissues. It’s simply sufficient of a physique buzz to assist anchor the really lifted excessive, conserving you from floating away. The Dragon Fruit pressure results are additionally energetic, making this a superb pressure to be used all weekend lengthy.

The head excessive advantages even the darkest of moods. Stress, despair, and nervousness are not any match for the happiness Dragon Fruit can present. Meanwhile, the relaxed, distracted excessive retains repetitive ideas from biking, leaving nice ideas of their place. It additionally relieves tense muscular tissues, reduces irritation, and lowers ache with out leaving you caught to the sofa.

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Dragon Fruit begins off on the correct foot with a contemporary and fruity scent that’s properly balanced by notes of pungent earth. As the fuzzy nugs burn, the scent will get sweeter, leaning nearly right into a candy-type scent.


Dragon Fruit weed’s style is the place it’s really excellent. Unlike many strains named after a fruit or sweet, this pressure truly tastes like dragon fruit. There’s a touch of natural tea on the exhale, however the normal essence of dragon fruit continues to be sturdy.

Adverse reactions

Dragon Fruit is a high-powered pressure, so it’s essential to know your limits earlier than driving this dragon. Beginners and informal people who smoke ought to tempo themselves as a result of decrease tolerances can meet their match in only a puff or two. Even longtime customers can meet their match on this pressure. Start slowly and work your manner as much as the place you need to be for the perfect expertise. Luckily, for many who overindulge, the commonest expertise is a touch of the jitters and a few delicate paranoia. Other than that, the commonest aspect impact to Dragon Fruit is a little bit of dry eyes or cottonmouth, that are simply relieved with a glass of water and a few eye drops.

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Dragon Fruit is a bushy, quick plant, making it excellent for rising indoors. It’s nonetheless comparatively restricted to a couple breeders, a lot of Dragon Fruit pressure data continues to be unknown. However, we do know a few of its traits.

This pressure leans closely in the direction of its indica aspect on the subject of rising. Plants are quick and broad, rapidly rising a number of colas. This makes them perfect for rooms with low ceilings or low-stress training setups. The plant likes lots of light and moderate temperature and humidity, so growing it outside can be an interesting challenge unless you live in a Mediterranean climate.

As with many bushy plants, you may need to trim the inner and lower leaves of the plant to allow for airflow. This helps the plant avoid problems like powdery mildew or other pests. Lollipopping can be a very effective technique, as well.

In general, Dragon Fruit responds best to low-stress training. High-stress training can increase the time to harvest without significantly increasing the number of colas. Just make sure your plant gets plenty of light, and you’ll reap the rewards.

Flowering Time


Indoor grows are an excellent option for Dragon Fruit weed. Expect to harvest after about eight to ten weeks and yields of 12-14 ounces per square yard.


For growers in the northern hemisphere, the harvest is typically ready in October. The Dragon Fruit weed strain will bush out significantly. Expect harvests of 14-16 ounces per plant outside as long as humidity and temperature remain relatively stable. 


  1. Super Silver haze
  2. Snow Lotus

FAQ About Dragon Fruit Strain

What is the Dragon Fruit pressure yield?

Dragon fruit yields 12-14 ounces per sq. meter indoors and 14-16 ounces or extra per plant open air.

How a lot THC does Dragon Fruit Strain have?

Averages round 25%

What are the origins of Dragon Fruit Strain ?

Dragon Fruit is believed to be the results of a cross between Super Silver haze and Snow Lotus.

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