Cannabis seeds can be found in 4 main classes: common, feminized, autoflowering, and CBD. Each sort options its personal distinctive benefits and drawbacks and appeals to totally different cultivators relying on their targets.

So from a seed you both received a male or a feminine plant. But most growers develop hashish to reap the buds which they will smoke, so that they’re primarily within the feminine crops. For this purpose feminized seeds have been created. First of all you want to know what sort of seed to make use of on your crop. Autoflowering? Regular? Feminised? CBD-rich? Like with every part, there aren’t any higher or worse choices, however fairly it is dependent upon your wants and circumstances. Taking under consideration your degree of information, the place you reside or the needs of your crop, you can be higher off with one sort or one other. Below we clarify the professionals and cons of every sort of seed, in an effort to make the very best resolution.

Regular seeds

Regular genetics are utterly pure. They are the results of how hashish emerged in nature. There’s no tampering or tweaking concerned.

Purebred common genetics stem all the way in which again to landrace ancestors discovered everywhere in the world, from the mountains of India to the seashores of Jamaica.

In its pure state, the marijuana plant is dioecious, that’s, there are female and male specimens that breed amongst one another to create new specimens. Regular seeds are seeds that produce each female and male crops, the place the grower has no management over their intercourse.

Although in recent times the proportion of customers who select one of these seed has fallen significantly, common marijuana seeds proceed to be the popular choice for some old-school growers, who want to respect the character of the plant in all elements and, after all, by those that want to make their very own seeds.

Breeders have additionally created common hybrids by combining the genetics of two totally different subspecies. This leads to a progeny that expresses the traits of each father or mother strains.


– Breeding: Regular seeds make it potential to breed the crops making seeds with the men and women that emerge from a batch of standard seeds.


– Limited yield: The drawback with common seeds is that you just shouldn’t have any management over the intercourse of the crops, which means that after a month and a half of caring for them you could discover that you must eliminate half of your crops as a result of they’re males, thus decreasing by half the potential yield of the crop.

If you need an excellent mixture of female and male crops, then common hashish seeds are for you. Having each sexes at your disposal will allow you to create your individual strains.

Feminised seeds

Feminized genetics are made by basically crossing one feminine with one other. Breeders use two strategies to pressure feminine crops to provide pollen. They then fertilise one other feminine, whose flowers produce a era of feminized seeds.

Feminised seeds emerged within the late 90s as a response to the necessity to develop seeds that assured the event of feminine crops. At the start one of these seed produced hashish crops with sure high quality issues and instability, with crops that typically suffered from hermaphroditism. However, through the years feminised seeds have achieved extraordinarily excessive ranges of high quality, as regards yield, results or flavour, to the purpose that they’ve relegated common seeds to a mere 10% market share.


– Cost effectiveness: Feminised marijuana seeds assure 100% feminine crops. That is, all the hassle and care you put money into the crops shall be rewarded as a result of there shall be no male specimens to discard.


– As they don’t enable the event of male crops, feminised seeds are usually not the suitable selection in case your purpose is to provide seeds.

If you need nothing however resinous flowers out of your develop, then feminized seeds are for you.

Autoflowering seeds

After feminised seeds, beginning in roughly 2008 autoflowering seeds, also referred to as automated seeds, made their arrival. As the title signifies, they flower in a shorter time period and require much less care than common or feminised seeds. Autoflowering marijuana seeds emerged as the best selection for much less skilled growers, however as their high quality parameters have steadily equalled their non-autoflowering cousins in aroma, flavour and results, they’ve turn out to be a sound different for probably the most demanding growers. In case you have been questioning, sure, the autoflowering seeds are additionally feminised.


– Speed: Without a doubt, the large benefit of autoflowering seeds is the pace with which they develop. The flowering intervals change relying on the variability, however with any automated selection you realize that in two and a half months tops your crops shall be harvested.

– Manageability: Although the variations in high quality of autoflowering crops compared to the remainder of the feminised crops are more and more fewer, a lot of the automated varieties are smaller in dimension, not solely requiring easier upkeep, however they’re additionally best for discreet crops, on balconies or terraces. If your thought is to have a manageable marijuana plant, camouflaged among the many flowers and pots in your terrace, autoflowering seeds are, certainly, your choice.

– Ease: Autoflowering seeds are, basically, simpler to develop, each indoors and open air. In indoor gardens it isn’t mandatory to vary the photoperiod, because the crops themselves change from the expansion interval to the flowering interval by themselves. That is, whatever the hours of sunshine they obtain, they are going to develop buds.


– Yield: As they’re smaller in dimension, autoflowering hashish seeds have the inconvenience of a smaller yield per plant.

You’ll profit from autoflowering seeds if you desire a harvest as quickly as bodily potential. Maybe you need to enhance turnover, or arrange and take down your rising operation inside a small window of time.

CBD-rich seeds

You have most likely heard so much these days about CBD, the cannabinoid in vogue. CBD is current in some marijuana crops and, along with having many therapeutic qualities, it counteracts the psychoactive results of THC. Therefore, CBD-rich types of marijuana can not solely assist individuals who undergo from insomnia, stress or extra severe circumstances akin to a number of sclerosis, however, as well as, it could actually allow a extra sustainable leisure consumption of hashish appropriate with every day actions. As for its cultivation, you will discover each feminised and autoflowering varieties wealthy in CBD.


Reduced psychoactive impact: As it acts as an antagonist of THC, CBD counteracts the psychoactive and side-effects of the previous. To make a comparability with alcohol, a range with excessive ranges of THC can be like consuming spirits, whereas one other wealthy in CBD can be like consuming a beer.

Therapeutic properties: CBD interacts with the human physique’s endocannabinoid system, activating and stimulating our pure response to ache, anxiousness, stress, and many others. Scientific analysis has discovered that CBD can convey many advantages to our physique together with:

  • Reduction of nausea and vomiting
  • Suppression of convulsive exercise
  • It combats psychosis problems, and there have been research and scientific trials which point out that CBD will be efficient for treating schizophrenia
  • It combats inflammatory problems
  • It combats neurodegenerative problems
  • It combats anxiousness and despair problems
  • Fewer side-effects: CBD counteracts the side-effects related to THC, akin to elevated urge for food, sooner coronary heart fee, poorer reminiscence or an altered notion of time, amongst others.


A diminished psychoactive impact: what could also be a bonus for some, will be an inconvenience for others. CBD causes the consequences of marijuana to be much less intense, a lot milder, and never everyone seems to be taken with that milder impact.

You’ll love high-CBD genetics when you use hashish for extra therapeutic or holistic functions. Many customers expertise nice advantages with high-CBD strains, and others see success with strains that provide THC and CBD in equal portions.

[Updated, originally published 15.09. 2017]

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