The reply we’re all pondering is – Not quickly sufficient! For  growers, harvesting on the proper time is simply as essential as the way you develop the plant. Harvest too quickly and also you lose efficiency and hashish yields; too late and you’ll find yourself making a batch of sleep medication. The hardest a part of rising hashish for a lot of new growers is ready for the correct time to reap. There is a powerful tendency for brand spanking new growers to reap the plant early on account of pleasure.Unfortunately, this usually leads to low yields and lower-potency buds.

Harvesting marijuana is a bit like harvesting grapes (or different fruits). The longer you wait, the stronger the grape and the stronger the alcohol. With marijuana, the longer you wait, the extra cannabinoids there will likely be.

That means a stronger product.There are many indicators that may warn you of this upcoming occasion. Such as:

  • The pistils turning crimson
  • The stem broadening
  • Resin on the buds browning and darkening
  • Leaves beginning to yellow and die

If your plant has flowered and also you discover any of those signs, the probabilities are good that you’re prepared to reap!

You solely want three issues to find out the most effective marijuana harvest time:

  • The data of when to reap – You get that right here!
  • Eyes for visible inspection – You’ve in all probability had these for some time!
  • A magnifying software – Makes the glittery, resin-filled trichomes in your buds simpler to see; though not 100% vital, this allows you to time your harvest completely to get the precise results you’re in search of!

Here are two fundamental methods of figuring out the optimum time to reap marijuana:

Pistil Method

Not Ready for Harvest 
The overwhelming majority of pistils (hairs) are nonetheless white and protruding straight. This is certainly too early to reap, and these crops have many weeks to go!

Not but Ready 
We’re ready for no less than half of the white hairs to darken and curl in. Some of the pistils are beginning to flip shade, however there are far lower than 50% curled/darkened pistils. These buds nonetheless have a number of weeks to go earlier than they’ll attain their highest ranges of THC. The excellent news is your buds will  get greater and extra dense in that point!

Ready To Harvest

  • Harvest when 60-70% of hairs have darkened for highest ranges of THC.
  • Harvest when 70-90% of hairs have darkened for a extra calming, anti-anxiety impact as some THC turns to the extra enjoyable CBN
  • With some strains, you might even see a bunch of new pistils seem proper while you suppose you’re getting shut. This is regular, but it surely occurs greater than three instances you’ve finally acquired to simply make the choice and chop.

With some strains, it’s a lot tougher to inform when the time is true. Different strains can look alternative ways at harvest. For instance, some strains can maintain most of their pistils white even after they’re able to be harvested.

Trichome Method

With this technique, you have a look at the glandular stalked trichomes on the buds beneath a magnifying glass. Trichomes are the the mushroom-looking growths on hashish which can be accountable for it being so fashionable! These trichromes are the ‘crystals’, or ‘frosty stuff’ you see accumulating in your bud/leaves. They’re additionally what makes weed so sticky. You could additionally see tiny, clear hair-like trichomes with out the mushroom head however these don’t have an effect on efficiency so you may ignore them. You have an interest within the trichomes which have a bit ball on prime. This is the place a variety of the THC and different good things in hashish is situated. Since these trichomes are what contribute essentially the most to bud efficiency, having the ability to inform after they’ve reached their highest ranges of THC will assist you to be capable to select the precise proper time to reap your marijuana.  Cannabis trichomes are troublesome to see with the bare eye, so that you’ll want a jeweler’s loupe or different approach to amplify the picture with a purpose to use the “trichome method” for figuring out harvest time.

If you place the loupe proper as much as your buds, you’ll get a greater view of the trichomes, letting you higher decide their shade and form.

It will be arduous to inform the distinction between clear and cloudy trichomes, particularly for those who don’t see each forms of trichomes on the similar time! This is totally regular, and it takes a bit expertise earlier than this half turns into completely straightforward.

The trichomes on this image are nonetheless principally clear, however that could be troublesome to know instantly for those who haven’t actually checked out trichomes earlier than! You can see principally clear trichome heads. This is an indicator that the plant is just not fairly prepared for harvest. But even with out trying the trichomes, the the truth that all of the pistils are sticking straight out has already proven that this bud isn’t prepared. If there aren’t any pistils curling in, it means you continue to have a number of weeks to go!

Here are some common guidelines about harvesting marijuana primarily based on trichomes and the colour of the hairs / pistils. If you comply with these guidelines, you’ll know the way to harvest weed completely each time!

  1. If white “hairs” are virtually all sticking straight out and trichomes are all nonetheless translucent (clear) then your plant is simply too younger and not prepared for harvest. Harvesting now will end in low yield and non-potent harvests.
  2. The starting of the harvest window opens when your plant has principally stopped rising new white “hairs” or pistils and no less than 40% of the white hairs have darkened and curled in. 
  3. Highest stage of THC is when many/a lot of the trichomes have turned milky white / cloudy (when considered beneath a magnifier). Trichomes which can be milky have the best ranges of THC are “ready to harvest” and contribute to extra euphoric and psychoactive results. At this level 50-70% of the pistils have darkened.
  4. Some Sativa & Haze strains have trichomes that by no means actually flip amber. If they’ve turned principally white and don’t appear to be progressing additional, it could be time to reap!
  5. The most “couchlock” or sedating impact occurs in direction of the top of the pot harvest window, when the trichomes have grow to be a darker shade (normally amber/gold). The greatest outcomes from amber trichomes come from indica strains. The amber/yellow trichomes contribute to a ‘body high’. Some of the THC has transformed into much less psychoactive CBN, which has calming and anti-anxiety results. With some strains, the trichomes will even flip crimson or purple! I like to reap round when 20% have turned amber. At this level 70-90% of the pistils have darkened. Harvesting later will enhance the sedating results, however may begin lowering the psychoactive results.
  6. When trichomes begin trying gray or withered, the harvest window has handed, and buds will make you sleepy with out many psychoactive results. Usually it takes a number of weeks (four or extra) from the start of the harvest window for this to occur. It’s a lot simpler to reap too early than too late!

Harvest your buds earlier, when solely 40% of hairs have darkened and curled in and greater than half of the trichomes are half clear/ half milky or principally cloudy/milky. For the “strongest” marijuana buds with essentially the most psychoactive results, and the best ranges of THC, harvest when virtually all trichomes are cloudy/milky. For extra enjoyable, anti-anxiety buds, wait till no less than a number of the milky / cloudy trichomes have darkened to amber. More amber = extra enjoyable, although the results could also be considerably much less psychoactive. Remember, curing your buds correctly for no less than 2 weeks to a month will even give them extra of an anti-anxiety impact.When rising your individual marijuana crops, you may actually pattern buds off your plant at totally different phases to get an thought for what your preferences are.

If you mix each strategies you’ll get the most effective outcomes! Although taking a look at your buds isn’t essentially the most exact approach to know when to reap, it does offer you a extremely good thought. Try to take every part collectively. If your buds simply have white pistils protruding, you recognize for positive that it’s no the place near prepared, so that you additionally know that the trichomes on the buds aren’t all cloudy but. It’s solely when your buds are getting near trying harvest-ready that trichomes are going to have one thing to let you know!

[Updated, originally published 17.3. 2017]

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