If you broke your ankle and your physician provided you 30 Vicodin or a single medicated CBD cream for ache aid, which might you select? If you answered “CBD”, you then’re identical to hundreds {of professional} athletes on the planet. But sadly for these athletes, because of the illegality of cannabis in most nations and the tough penalties imposed by skilled sports activities leagues, the one choice is opioids or nothing. That is, except you are Elias Theodorou.

Elias Theodorou is a Canadian MMA fighter greatest identified for successful The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia, an MMA-theme actuality present he describes as, “Big Brother, but with punches and kicks.” He has additionally competed within the UFC Middleweight Division. 

Nicknamed The Spartan, Theodorou at the moment holds a 17-Three document — which implies he’ll most likely whoop your ass in case you do not put on a masks.

Past combating, Theodorou can also be the primary, and solely, skilled athlete in your complete historical past {of professional} sports activities to be granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption for medical cannabis by a governing physique (the British Columbia Athletic Commission). This signifies that, as a result of Theodorou is a citizen of Canada, the place cannabis has been recreationally authorized since 2018, he can’t be barred from utilizing the plant as medication. 

Cannabis over opioids 

Of his journey, he mentioned, “In Canada, because healthcare is a fundamental right, there’s avenues to argue on that fact. We were able to present a case to the Athletic Commission in British Columbia and they approved my Therapeutic Use Exemption. What makes this a really important cog in the wheel of medical cannabis rights is that because it’s the athletic commission, that’s a governing body, so this is another component of cannabis being considered a medicine, and most importantly, it’s the first time in professional sports.”

An enormous medical cannabis advocate, Theodorou first noticed the plant’s advantages by means of the eyes of his former MMA coach and buddy, Lachlan Cheng. During Ultimate Fighter, they hung out coaching in Thailand, the place cannabis is prohibited for foreigners. His coach was a medical cannabis affected person; nonetheless, without entry to that medication, he needed to flip to painkillers. Seeing the unfavorable results opioids can have on the human physique, Theodorou, who suffers from lateral neuropathy (nerve harm in his higher extremities), knew there needed to be a more healthy alternative. 

“I already saw the pitfalls of first-line medicine, and I thought that cannabis might be a healthier alternative. I reached out to my family doctor and he essentially helped me through the process of getting medical cannabis. I’ve been a medical cannabis patient for the better part of 5 years at this point,” he instructed Weedmaps.

With cannabis being such an enormous a part of his on a regular basis life, it is solely proper that in discussing his combat for medical cannabis rights, we additionally requested him about a few of his favourite cannabis products. Here are a couple of of the issues Theodorou can’t live without.

High CBD tinctures 

Elias is all a few scheduled out routine depending on how his physique feels. Most of the time, that routine contains excessive CBD tinctures. “Usually when I wake up, it’s more CBD and tincture-oriented. I tend to do a 1:1 tincture in the morning, depending on how my body feels. At the end [of the day], I tend to do a little bit heavier CBD.” 

For people who do not know, tinctures are a liquid type of cannabis oil that may be consumed sublingually, or utilized to just about any edible, together with drinks. They are usually nice for medical sufferers, those that wish to handle dosage, and anybody searching for a light-weight expertise that enables them to ease into their relationship with cannabis. Many tinctures come as CBD-dominant or with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio.


“After my training session, I tend to vaporize for the most part. As an athlete, and also if I am going to advocate for the properties of medical cannabis, I think taking away the combustion component is a much healthier component.” 

Vaporizers are the little pens you see folks hitting on the go. The cartridges are made up of cannabis hash oil that may come from a wide range of strains. You can get them in all varieties, together with THC-dominant, a balanced 1:1, and CBD-dominant. As cannabis evolves, you are even beginning to see CBG and CBN vape pens hit the market. With the immense recognition of those products, you may see a flood of unregulated vapes on the road, so keep in mind to solely buy from respected corporations that may present a certificates of research.

THCA topicals

Topicals are the bees knees with regards to rubbing cannabis into your pores and skin. This particularly applies to athletes and anybody else who makes use of cannabis to handle ache, arthritis, and different joint irritation. Theodorou likes to ingest cannabis, however with regards to topicals, he instructed me, “I’m trying to get as many cannabinoids on that knee area. I fight inflammation and pain when I ingest [cannabis], but on a topical sense, [I apply it] more directly on the area itself.” He particularly likes THCA topicals.

THCA is a cannabis compound that turns into THC after being combusted. THC is the energetic compound in cannabis that we affiliate with getting excessive. However, without the combustion, THCA does not present the excessive, however nonetheless has the advantages.


“During the day, I tend to use sativa. After training sessions, I medicate with indica. At night, I sometimes use indica, but it is still heavy with the CBD flower.” 

Two strains that Theodorou particularly referred to as out are Chocolope and Dr. Who. Chocolope is a sativa cross of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze that many individuals love within the morning for its uplifting and energizing qualities. Dr. Who is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Mad Scientist and Timewreck. It’s championed for being a soothing pressure that does not essentially sedate you, so many individuals like it at any time of day.

CBD flower

Lastly, Theodoru can’t live without CBD flower. As a part of his nighttime regiment, he likes to eat CBD strains, although he does not have a selected favourite. Most strains are THC-dominant or balanced, as a result of that is what the market calls for. But there are nonetheless CBD strains on the market like ACDC, Harlequin, and Sour Tsunami.

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