A moderately disturbing report from impartial web site Psymposia.

We simply spotlight it at this stage and hope that it doesn’t grow to be an business customary for an entire vary of what we’d take into account pretty apparent causes in each the regulated world and the un-regulated world

It instantly raises the query – is the black market utilizing crude oil as a base to create MDMA?

Here’s the introduction to the piece

As the psychedelic pharmaceutical business races to declare the need of psychedelics as instruments for ending the psychological well being disaster, petroleum-based MDMA raises vital questions.

An article printed within the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies’ (MAPS) Spring 2020 bulletin revealed that MAPS’ business MDMA seems to be derived from crude oil. 

While there are various strategies out there for synthesizing MDMA, a standard place to begin for the drug has been safrole, an natural compound present in sassafras and different vegetation. But, Heather Clouting, the director of chemical manufacturing management for MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, wrote in her MAPS bulletin article—“The Commercial Chemistry of MDMA: From Research to Patient Access”—that the precursor MAPS makes use of for its provide of MDMA is almost certainly synthesized from crude oil. 

“Unlike much of the MDMA that has been synthesized in the last decades (up until relatively recently), the synthetic pathway used for the MAPS synthesis of MDMA does not include safrole or related starting materials. Our key starting material is 5-bromo-1,3-benzodioxole, and its precursor, 1,2-methylenedioxybenzene, is likely synthesized in one step from [catechol], a bulk commodity chemical made in thousands of tons per year from crude oil,” Clouting wrote. The unique bulletin article mentioned “catecho,” not “catechol.”

Forget Plant-Based Medicine, MDMA is Now Made From Crude Oil

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