Equal But Different

“There’s evidence that estrogen gets you higher and testosterone does the opposite.”
This sex-based distinction in response to hashish typically results in a mismatch in how excessive companions will really feel when together with hashish of their lovelife.

That stated, different components (e.g. an individual’s weight, frequency of previous hashish use, distinctive biochemistry, and so on.) additionally play main roles in how somebody will really feel when utilizing hashish throughout intercourse. These issues typically necessitate that lovers take totally different doses of hashish earlier than heading to the bed room (or the woods, on a billiards desk, or wherever the temper could strike).
Sophie associated that, from her personal expertise, she has discovered that women and men are likely to desire totally different types of hashish.

“The business is shifting away from the indica and sativa mannequin by way of a extra correct and detailed response, however I hear a whole lot of ladies wanting to make use of indicas, indicating they might desire a extra calming expertise. With males, it appears to be they need a extra energetic expertise from sativas.

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