For each individual raving about the advantages of hashish, there’s at the very least one different on the market attempting to persuade somebody of false info in opposition to marijuana. Well, we’re right here to clear up a few of these horrible beliefs and misconceptions about hashish.

There’s no purpose to go on believing issues about hashish that aren’t true, issues which were fed to society to discourage them from the immense energy of this plant. It’s time to interrupt the mould, step out of the circle if you’ll, to see issues from a distinct perspective. Enjoy being on the marijuana bandwagon from right here on in!

Marijuana use results in dependence or habit

It’s attainable to turn out to be depending on marijuana, however this solely occurs in a minority of the already comparatively small class of heavy customers. Research means that about 9 % of marijuana customers grew to become clinically dependent sooner or later, in comparison with 15 % of cocaine customers and 24 % of heroin customers.

Weed is evil

There is such a unfavorable connotation related to the phrases hashish and marijuana, and this can be a results of social conditioning greater than something. Think about it. Who taught you that hashish was unfavorable or evil? It is unquestionably not a conclusion you got here to all by yourself, and also you in all probability discover that you simply in reality love marijuana. There isn’t actually any negativity that comes with the expertise, except you smoke an excessive amount of and expertise some social paranoia.

This complete affiliation of negativity and this plant comes from the individuals who make it unlawful. Even those that have by no means tried marijuana imagine that it’s unhealthy purely as a result of they’ve been instructed all their lives that it’s unhealthy. They have been instructed all their lives that it’s unlawful as a result of it’s unhealthy, quite than the reality about why it’s unlawful.

Weed is harmful or lethal to your well being

It’s actually laborious to establish the place precisely this false impression got here from, as a result of up till now there has not even been a single recorded dying from marijuana. Actually, it’s subsequent to not possible to overdose on it. Of course, in case you are smoking it then there may be an antagonistic well being impact of doing so, however remember this comes with smoking something. So then, it’s smoking that’s harmful to well being quite than the plant of marijuana.

In truth, there are way more harmful issues that society participates in each day, corresponding to consuming or the duty of driving. There are extra individuals on the market dying from alcohol associated deaths or automotive accidents than there are dying from marijuana. So this false impression is solely a cop out, a solution to scare younger kids away from utilizing marijuana. But anyone with half a mind could make the evaluation that using this plant isn’t harmful to anybody’s well being!

Marijuana prohibition successfully protects children

In 2011, use of marijuana by youngsters hit a 30-year peak, with one out of each 15 highschool college students reporting they smoke most days, and for the primary time U.S. teenagers reported smoking extra pot than cigarettes. But youngsters don’t smoke any extra pot in states the place medical marijuana is authorized than in ones the place it’s not. Legalization advocates argue that one of the simplest ways to scale back use by minors is to legalize and regulate pot.

Weed is a gateway drug

It’s possible that even your dad and mom have tried to make use of this argument with you – that hashish is a gateway drug and that it’ll successfully result in you taking pictures heroin up between your toes. Well, if we need to get technical, most people who find themselves attempting hashish for the primary time have tried alcohol or tobacco cigarettes at the very least as soon as. So then, what is actually the gateway drug? Is it marijuana or is it alcohol or tobacco?

Actually, it’s none of these issues. It isn’t consuming that leads individuals to wanting to make use of hashish, and it’s by no means hashish that leads individuals to need to strive tougher medicine corresponding to amphetamines or heroin. A curiosity is maybe sparked to strive one thing for a very completely different purpose aside from utilizing hashish, and if something, the consciousness of the hashish plant often encourages individuals to dwell more healthy lives quite than unhealthy lives. Even research that have been commissioned by Congress have reported that there isn’t a causal hyperlink between utilizing hashish and utilizing tougher medicine. This false impression is actually a rumor that traveled actually far!

Synthetic weed is secure

Synthetic weed — also called spice, K2, and faux weed — might be as much as 100 occasions stronger than pure weed, and also you’ll be hard-pressed to search out spice that’s been by way of a secure manufacturing course of.

Chances are, the artificial weed circulating these days has used nail varnish remover and different extremely poisonous chemical substances.

Originally created in a lab as a solution to learn how cannabinoids have an effect on the mind, artificial weed has been marketed as a secure, authorized model of weed. Needless to say, it’s not.

Once the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) caught on to its excessive unwanted side effects — hallucinations, stroke, vomiting, acute psychosis, even dying — it banned the substance with out hesitation.

Weed is unlawful as a result of it’s unhealthy

Well, this misbelief may arguably be true. It’s unlawful as a result of it’s unhealthy for governments, unhealthy for companies and unhealthy for the entire multi-million greenback industries it will likely be competing with. This is why it has been made unlawful within the first place. Let’s face it, hashish is unhealthy for the paper business and for the medication business. Once we begin profiting from all of the merchandise we are able to create utilizing hemp corresponding to fibers, supplies and cord, it’s going to start to take over these industries too. Marijuana is unhealthy for business, as a result of this plant is so versatile, it may efficiently eradicate the necessity for lots of different industries.

So in fact, it was made unlawful due to how good it’s. It is a typical follow amongst authoritarians to really feel threatened by something or anybody whose energy is so immense, and that is no exception. It was made unlawful as a result of it threatened industries that have been very carefully related to the governments, not as a result of it’s unhealthy for you or for society.

Weed makes you lazy and silly

Unfortunately, this false impression isn’t even simply held by individuals who don’t smoke weed. There are even stoners on the market who nonetheless imagine that marijuana makes an individual lazy and silly. This false impression is only a means for many who are already lazy and silly to have one thing else guilty it on. In truth, there are various stoners on the market who usually are not lazy and silly, and plenty of entrepreneurs who credit score their success to marijuana.

People are lazy and silly – please don’t get that flawed! A plant can’t presumably be lazy and silly, and so there isn’t a means that that is transmitted by way of the plant. Many research have been performed on this level, and till now there isn’t a proof to counsel that marijuana is liable for an absence of motivation. This is a false impression that has been pressured because of mis-education, and a means for non-stoners to have a go at individuals who like to smoke.

You can’t overdose on weed

Well, you possibly can, nevertheless it received’t kill you.You first want to know what an overdose is. It merely means you’ve taken greater than the conventional or advisable quantity of a specific substance.

So it’s attainable to overdose on hashish. Symptoms of a weed overdose embrace:

  • nervousness
  • paranoia
  • dizziness
  • lack of coordination, which may result in extreme accidents
  • chest signs, together with a speedy coronary heart charge and chest ache
  • pale pores and skin colour
  • unresponsiveness to cues corresponding to an individual calling their title or touching them
  • hallucinations or delusions
  • blood stress spikes
  • headache


Weed doesn’t flip you violent, it received’t kill you, and it’ll very possible increase your urge for food.

However, you possibly can overdose, weed habit is actual, and trendy strains are stronger than ever earlier than.

Be your individual benchmark with regards to weed use. If you already use it, hearken to your physique after you smoke. Is it panic you’re feeling? Contentment? Anxiety? Creativity? If it doesn’t really feel good, give your self a tolerance break or restrict your use.

If you’re fascinated about utilizing it for the primary time, take into account the legal guidelines in your space. You can have a far safer first expertise in states and nations the place weed has gone by way of legalization.

Now that we’ve cleared up some misconceptions, you possibly can take pleasure in your marijuana expertise guilt free. Enjoy realizing all of the superb issues about hashish with out having these misconceptions swimming round in your thoughts!

[Updated, originally published 27.1.2017]

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