If you’re a fan of bitter sweet, you’ll be Lemonhead OG’s largest fan. This candy and bitter bud is a pungent, hard-hitting pressure that’s not going to depart you wanting. The head excessive hits shortly, conserving you buzzing for hours, whereas the delicate physique excessive retains you grounded. The result’s a enjoyable, energetic pressure that’s good for the daytime into the early night. 

Lemonhead OG is a Kush minimize that’s spectacular all by itself. You’ll typically see it known as the bitter lemonhead pressure. Royal Choice Farms selected it for its shiny, enjoyable taste that’s matched solely by its energetic emotions. The result’s a 70/30 sativa-dominant pressure that exams at 22% THC on common. It’s the important thing to the extraordinary, long-lasting excessive that you simply’re searching for as an skilled consumer. 

Of course, Lemonhead weed has some therapeutic advantages as nicely. This high-powered pressure can minimize via signs of persistent ache and sickness that nothing else can contact. Depression and anxiousness aren’t any match for this pressure’s highly effective euphoric buzz. When nothing else suits the invoice, this bitter OG is a dependable supply of reduction.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
70% / 30% 10-14 ounces per sq. yard 16 ounces per plant 8-9 weeks indoors, early October open air.

Information about Lemonhehad OG:

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Information about Lemonhead OG:

ORIGIN Royal Choice Farms
EFFECTS energetic and giggly
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) anxiousness, paranoia
FRAGRANCE lemon scent that’s matched by candy, earthy undertones
FLAVORS citrus and mint
MEDICAL despair, PTSD and OCD
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 30% / 70%
INDOOR YIELD 10-14 ounces per sq. yard
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces per plant
CLIMATE mediterranean
GROWTH LEVEL excessive


Strain effects

Lemonhead is simply as desirous to get going as you’re, so it wastes no time. The head excessive kicks in inside minutes of your first toke. Smiles and laughter observe because the euphoria takes maintain, leaving customers feeling energetic, giggly, and able to go. The head excessive is reasonably centered however not overwhelming, making it a superb selection for daytime use. Users are likely to really feel alert, , and able to go, however not overstimulated. 

The physique excessive is comparatively delicate, following after the pinnacle buzz. It’s a tingly, heat, and fuzzy expertise that trickles all through the physique after the consumer has been hit with the pinnacle excessive. The result’s a unfastened and simple feeling that helps customers really feel prepared for something for the hours that this pressure’s buzz will final. 


Just just like the bitter sweet, Lemonhead OG weed is a lemony, shiny expertise. You’ll discover an intense lemon scent that’s matched by candy, earthy undertones. There’s additionally only a trace of mint that brightens the odor.


Lemonhead OG’s taste is actually scrumptious, with citrus and candy tastes combining right into a tangy, tasty expertise. There’s a a lot stronger mint taste than the scent suggests, leaving your lungs feeling expanded and prepared for motion after each puff. 

Adverse reactions

Lemonhead OG could also be a scrumptious and entertaining smoke, nevertheless it’s sensible to tempo your self. Adverse reactions to this pressure are normally the results of underestimating its energy. Moderating your use will aid you hold your day comfortably buzzy with out getting overwhelmed. 

New customers ought to be cautious due to this pressure’s intense THC ranges. People have reported feeling anxious or paranoid after having fun with an excessive amount of of this pressure due to how energetic it’s. Some customers additionally reported minor nausea for a similar motive. 

As lengthy as you’re pacing your self, the one factor to fret about with Lemonhead OG weed is cottonmouth and dry eyes. Keeping a glass of water close by will assist hold you hydrated and prepared for something.


The Lemonhead weed pressure is a superb leisure pressure, however there are additionally therapeutic advantages. The energetic, euphoric head excessive is the proper selection for folks dwelling with despair. It results in happier ideas changing darkish moods and the motivation to do extra enjoyable actions. Lemonhead OG might help customers deal with something from day by day worries to long-lasting struggles, making all the pieces a bit of simpler to deal with. 

People with PTSD and OCD additionally admire this bitter lemonhead pressure.  It helps break the chain of repetitive, distressing ideas that characterize these issues, distracting customers with higher issues. The result’s that darkish and distressing moods are left within the mud as customers discover themselves with the urge to do enjoyable and thrilling actions. Day-to-day issues and persistent stress see related outcomes, with customers desirous to work on their hobbies as a substitute. 

Lemonhead OG weed can be useful with muscle pressure, which for a lot of, is the principle signal of persistent stress ache. Lemonhead’s mild physique buzz helps wipe away ache and cut back irritation. Many folks report with the ability to stay pain-free due to the Lemonhead OG hashish pressure. 

We don’t presently promote Lemonhead OG seeds. Check out different Sativa dominant seeds in our marijuana seed bank.


Growing weed Strain

The Lemonhead OG hashish pressure might take a bit of preparation to develop, nevertheless it’s utterly price it. It might be fairly tall, so it’s finest grown in rooms with loads of vertical area. The precise rising is easy – simply give these vegetation sufficient room and sufficient gentle, and so they’ll spring up very quickly. The sativa heritage results in tall however slim vegetation, so some coaching could be required to maximise your harvest.

Indoors, these vegetation can attain six to seven ft, whereas outdoors, they will break eight ft. Because of this, coaching the vegetation via topping or low-stress Screen of Green growing methods can be useful. This spreads out the plant, exposing more of it to light. The result is a better yield and more impressive nugs. 

One thing to watch out for when growing Lemonhead OG plants is their nitrogen levels. These plants can grow so quickly that they exhaust the nutrients in the soil. Monitor the plants to make sure the foliage looks good, and you’re going to guarantee yourself a killer Lemonhead harvest in no time at all.

Flowering Time


If you give your Lemonhead OG weed enough room, it will provide impressive indoor yields. Look for 10-14 ounces per square yard indoors. Harvests are typically ready in eight to nine weeks with good lighting and nutrition. 


Northern hemisphere growers should expect their Lemonhead OG harvest in early October. These plants need lots of light, so they’re best cultivated in Mediterranean climates. In the right conditions, they’ll grow to 9 feet outside and provide yields of 16 ounces per plant.


  1. Royal Choice Farms

FAQ About Lemonhead OG Strain

What is the Lemonhead OG strain yield?

Lemonhead OG yields 10-14 ounces per square yard indoors and 16 ounces per plant outdoor.

How much THC does Lemonhead have?

Up to 22%

What are the origins of the Lemonhead strain?

Lemonhead OG was created by Royal Choice Farms.

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