1. Bowl vs Joint: which is simpler to hide? Joints.You can hold them in your sock, pack of smokes, or as Eazy E (the “Would You Smoke With? of the week) would do, hold them within the brim of his hat. 

2. Joints vs Bowls: Which is best for touring? Of course, joints. I’ve been handed by cops once I’m smoking a joint, and so long as I maintain it like a cigarette, they don’t give it a re-evaluation. If you occur to get pulled over, you may at all times eat a joint or a blunt. And its not a waste, you’ll be excessive as fuck later.

3. Joint vs Blunt: flavored papers and blunts style so significantly better than these little vials of flavoring. Some strains of weed are literally enhanced with the flavour of a cigar, or masks the flavour when your smoking dust….simply saying.

4. If you understand how to roll correctly, a joint or blunt will burn method slower than smoking the identical quantity out of a bong or bowl. There isn’t any waste with a joint or blunt (granted the rotation retains going), whereas some individuals will hit a bong or bowl too onerous and go away a chamber filled with stale smoke. If you don’t know how you can roll correctly, take a look at this video of B Real instructing his methodology. This helped me to excellent my rolling. So, in case you are asking me which to decide on on this case, a bowl or joint, definitively a joint. 

5. Joint vs blunt: papers and blunt wraps are way more transportable than a bit. Most dudes I do know at all times have a pack of Zig Zags of their pockets…sensible people who smoke.

6. How typically do you see somebody busting out a pipe at a live performance? Rolled bud may be very live performance friendly-one of one of the best locations to spark one up.

7. Rolled weed is extra sanitary. If you watched somebody hitting the blunt is sick, you may at all times cup your hand round it and hit it that method. Sure, you may wipe a mouthpiece, however most individuals use their soiled hand…defeating the aim. And you recognize your gonna appear to be a dork handing out napkins earlier than your session.

8. Plain and easy: a joint doesn’t shatter when your clumsy homie drops it. A blunt doesn’t tip over and crack since you left it on the ground and knocked it over.

9. Roaches are superior for emergencies. Definitely higher than scraping bowls for resin, and far more healthy too. Bonus: in case your affected person, you may roll generation joints.

And lastly…
10. An image is price a thousand phrases…

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