Known by many names and consumed all around the World for ages. That’s proper, hashish is about as historical because the dinosaurs. In truth, hashish crops thrive in a Jurassic local weather. The sacred herb was right here lengthy earlier than mankind. Most historical cultures didn’t develop the plant to get excessive, however as natural drugs.

The first recorded utilization of hashish is from 8000 BC, in an historical village in Taiwan. There, plainly the Taiwanese selected hemp fibers to spn into the primary materials, thus not counting on animal pores and skin for clothes. Further proof has been discovered suggesting that these historical folks additionally used marijuana to fabricate sneakers because of its sturdy nature, broad availability and cheaper worth level than silk.

As time progressed, so did the utilization of cannabis- quickly being utilized in extra fields than merely garment-making. In 4,000 BC for instance, in a Chinese village known as Pan-p’o, archeologists discovered proof that hemp was thought-about to be one of many “five grains” of China, and thus a serious meals crop.

Medical hashish was most likely one of many earliest medical developments for human beings and has a plethora of historical makes use of. In truth, the entire makes use of we’re discovering for medical hashish in fashionable society have lots to do with the traditional makes use of that our ancestors discovered for it hundreds of years in the past.

So, that is about appreciating marijuana all through historical past. Taking a have a look at the historical past of medical hashish use offers some perspective on what we’re doing with it at this time, and the way we’re doing it. These are solely 6 of the numerous historical makes use of for medical hashish.


The Ancient Egyptians used hashish and utilized it as suppositories for remedy of hemorrhoids. It was primarily used to deal with the pain due to its bodily properties.

Healing Horses

The Ancient Greeks had been utilizing hashish to deal with the sores and wounds that their horses got here into contact with throughout their battles and journeys. They would rub dry hashish leaves or make a salve and apply it to the wound for sooner and higher therapeutic.


In India, hashish was used for a plethora of medicinal and religious functions, ranging anyplace from nausea and diarrhoea to complications and insomnia. But the Indians had been utilizing hashish fairly ceaselessly to alleviate the ache of childbirth!

Cure for Leprosy

Indian Ayurvedic Treatise cites hashish as a remedy for leprosy People believed it might quicken the thoughts, lengthen life, enhance judgment, decrease fevers, induce sleep and treatment dysentery… The first main work to put out the makes use of of hashish in [Indian] drugs was the Ayurvedic treatise of Sushruta Samhita written in 600 BC… Within the Sushrita, hashish is cited as an anti-phlegmatic and a treatment for leprosy.”


One of the primary medical makes use of of hashish was as an anaesthetic. The Chinese, as early because the yr 140, had been the primary folks to make use of it for its anaesthetic properties. They crushed it right into a powder, combined it with wine, and administered it earlier than surgical procedure.


The Ancient Greeks additionally used to make use of hashish to deal with irritation, each inside and exterior. For irritation on the pores and skin, they’d steep the seeds in heat water or wine. Later, they’d take the nice and cozy, potent extract and apply it to infected areas, particularly within the ears.


Using hashish to deal with epilepsy has simply grow to be extra common in latest instances. And in truth, individuals are preventing for the rights to deal with their epileptic kids with hashish. But that is truly an historical anti-epilepsy treatment that started with the Arabs. It was a well-liked method to deal with epilepsy within the medieval Islamic world.


While the 10,000 yr outdated fossils of hashish agriculture means that human use stretches again to pre-civilization, our data of medical hashish’s purposes in antiquity is restricted to written historic data. However, plainly as quickly as people began writing info down, they began writing about hashish – it is a testomony to how necessary this unbelievable herb was to historical civilizations across the globe. In historical instances, hashish was used to alleviate ache and deal with varied circumstances. But medical doctors additionally warned in opposition to utilizing it an excessive amount of, as they believed it might trigger folks to “see demons.”

[updated, originally published 7.1.2017]

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