Laury Lucien, a co-owner of the marijuana retail business Major Bloom in Worcester, stated equity candidates which might be making an attempt to open a cannabis firm in Massachusetts are combating a unicorn. And that unicorn, Lucien stated, is stigma rooted in ignorance and racism.

Lucien pointed again to the 1970 Controlled Substances Act and the anti-cannabis stances of presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. High charges of incarceration for marijuana, which disproportionately affected Black and Brown folks, adopted.

“So there was an institutionalized, intended method of creating the system that we have now,” Lucien stated. “So when we’re talking about equity, we’re not talking about charity. We’re talking about restorative justice for a government that screwed a whole bunch of people over.”

Lucien was one among a number of equity candidates working to open a marijuana business in Massachusetts who, together with advocates, spoke throughout a digital rally on Thursday afternoon. Four years after marijuana grew to become authorized in Massachusetts, with the promise of benefitting minorities harmed by the conflict on medicine, advocates say there has not been sufficient performed to advertise equity in the state’s rising industry. [Read more at MLive]

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