For (semi) old-timers like me, dab pens had been a miracle system once they first crashed the weed vaping scene. Suddenly, dabbing didn’t must be an journey sport the place you had been fairly actually enjoying with hearth. Questions lingered, although. How lengthy does a dab pen final? How lengthy does a dab pen excessive final? and many others and many others.

Now, years later, plainly the identical questions are nonetheless being requested so here’s a complete set of solutions that covers all of the fundamentals of dabbing, along with a information on one of the best dab pens accessible in the present day. 

If you’re a longtime dab pen consumer, skip proper forward to the 5 greatest dab pens checklist. If you might be new to the scene, the lead-up to the checklist covers all it is advisable know to get began with dab pens. so please learn on…

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the motion of inhaling small quantities of concentrated hashish resins (Cannabis Dabs) by means of a tool. The hottest being, a dab pen or dab rig.

The system is heated, vaporizing the Cannabis Dabs, which the consumer then inhales.

What Are Cannabis Dabs?

A hashish dab is a hashish focus in strong (albeit typically very comfortable strong) kind. It is a byproduct of oil extraction from marijuana buds.

You can carry out the extraction in a number of methods however there are two widespread strategies. One is to rinse the herb in a chemical like butane or alcohol. Another is to make use of a rosin press, which presses the herb between two scorching plates to extract the oil.

I personally balk on the concept of drowning my herb in some chemical that I might in any other case by no means put in my mouth. Add to that the flammable properties of butane and it’s straightforward to see why the rosin press is the higher selection. Especially If you intend on creating your own dab concentrate at home

The methodology and the precise approach decide the form of dab concentrates produced. Three of the most typical varieties are shatter, wax/crumble and extra not too long ago, Rosin. Visually, the plain distinction is texture.

Shatter, Wax/Crumble & Rosin

The first two are pretty self-descriptive – shatter is difficult and appears like shards of glass whereas wax is wax though it may well include a crumbly consistency. Rosin is changing into an increasing number of widespread and if finished proper will seem to appear to be one thing in-between each shatter and wax.

In my expertise, crumbly wax or shatter are one of the best decisions for dab pens as a result of you possibly can simply drop a bit into the chamber and there’s no sticky mess. However, rosin is the most secure to make and use.

The one factor all concentrates have in frequent is excessive ranges of cannabinoids equivalent to THC. This signifies that they’re extraordinarily potent so use with care if it’s your first time.

What is a Cannabis Dab Pen?

The naming committee was undoubtedly lucid once they selected ‘cannabis dab pen’. It is a pen-shaped system for vaping hashish dabs. Most dab pens are made for wax and shatter however some are additionally suitable with vape oils.

Generally, a dabbing pen consists of a wax atomizer which incorporates a heating coil or heated chamber created from ceramic or quartz. As with most vaporizers, the wax is positioned within the heated chamber or on the coil. Heat then converts the focus into vapor so that you can inhale.

Dab pens with coils normally ship a tougher hit whereas these with ceramic chambers are geared in the direction of taste.

Dab pens are extra environment friendly than dry herb vaporizers, particularly when paired with high quality concentrates. Better nonetheless, there’s hardly any residue to scrub up. It is uncommon to search out leftover burnt wax within the chamber of a vape pen and it’s a telltale signal of low high quality concentrates.

However, the most important benefit of a vape pen over different vaping gadgets is discretion. Firstly due to their dimension and form and, secondly, the shortage of odor.

You can take small dabs for an honest hit and most of the people round you’ll by no means even understand. 

Living the dream, child.

How to Use a Cannabis Dab Pen

If you might have by no means used a weed dabbing pen earlier than, it may well take some getting used to. 

Creating one of the best vaping expertise is like studying to bounce with three companions concurrently: the system, the type of focus and the temperature. This device-concentrate-temperature mixture is exclusive – change one and the others shift as properly. With some gadgets, the quantity of focus within the chamber can have an effect on your session, too.

Of course, that is solely a problem when you’re dabbling and weighing a number of totally different choices. Most veteran vapers ultimately decide on one constant components after experimenting for some time. This is very straightforward in case you have a vape pen with adjustable temperature settings. (I can’t even bear in mind the final time I messed round with the settings of my pen)

Apart from this tweaking, utilizing a dab pen is sort of tutorial. Here is a fast information to get you began:

  • Remove the cap to entry the coil or chamber.
  • Use your dab software to seize a rice-grain-sized quantity of wax.
  • Load it immediately into the chamber or onto the coil.
  • Replace the cap.
  • Turn the system on (and set to round 400°F, if relevant).
  • Vape.
  • Once completed, clear out any leftover residue.

Note: This will differ for all dab pens so it’s greatest to learn the producer’s tips within the supplied handbook.

What is the Best Temperature to Vape with a Dab Pen?

There is a saying about quaint dab rig which matches “you have to waste it to taste it”. It is a reference to how the nail solely extracts one of the best taste from a dab when it’s cooled to the proper temperature, which doesn’t depart sufficient warmth to vape the entire dab.

Fortunately, most dab pens in the present day include built-in temperature management settings. The system maintains a relentless temperature that you simply set for all the session, making wastage a factor of the previous. Of course, figuring out what one of the best temperature is, makes an enormous distinction. 

So, What is one of the best temperature for vape dabs?

If you might be after taste, one of the best temperature to vape a dab is between 300 and 340°F. This vary extracts the terpenes to perfection however the excessive won’t be as intense. If you want a heavier hit on the finish of a tough day, a temperature within the 380 to 440°F vary will do the trick.

To get a contented medium the place you might be within the scrumptious embrace of a excessive however can nonetheless operate, purpose for round 350 to 370°F.

The combustion level of most dab concentrates is 450°F – something over that may begin to burn and I can guarantee you it isn’t nice.

How Long Does a Dab Pen Last?

This is a tough query to reply as a result of there are such a lot of variables at play. These are the components which have the most important influence on the size of time your dab pen will final:

  • Type of dabs – shatter, wax, rosin, oil, and many others
  • The quantity of focus – the quantity you place within the chamber/on the coil
  • Device – vape cart pens that comprise dabs blended with a provider oil equivalent to PG last more
  • Draw – how strongly you inhale, and for what number of seconds

With an ordinary dabbing pen for shatter or wax, you’ll get about 2-Three first rate attracts with a rice-sized piece of focus. A 1 gram vape cart lasts me round 2 weeks. It will final my spouse nearer to 1 month.

How Long Does a Dab pen Battery Last?

Dab pens and different cellular vaping gadgets are widespread since you aren’t shackled to 1 spot to get excessive. Just like with landline and cell phones, although, battery cost is a brand new concern.

There is not any standardization between firms. Here is a small pattern of reviewers’ and producers’ descriptions of vape pen battery life:

  • (It lasts) between 100-300 puffs.
  • …240 mAh battery that may final for 180 to 200 puffs and takes 45 minutes to cost.
  • …900 mAh battery that clocks in additional than 50 high-quality puffs.
  • …3,500 mAh battery that may final an hour and a half or 140 to 180 puffs.

You can see that the battery mAh score is just not an correct predictor of the variety of puffs nor of the battery life. Battery kind and dimension, the consumer’s draw model and draw length, temperature settings and the type of dab focus all impact the size of time your dab pen battery will final.

How Long Does a Dab High Last?

This is the primary query that will get requested each time a brand new system, product or approach hits the marijuana scene. Yeah, yeah, that’s all implausible, buddy, however how lengthy will I be wasted for?

I bear in mind my first time dabbing. With 20+ years of smoking our candy mary jane, I believed that I might deal with something she threw at me. So I bought my dab software, scooped up an enormous dollop of wax then 30 seconds later, the room was spinning and I needed to go lay down ha…

So how lengthy does a dab excessive final? Let’s go straight to the specifics. The brief reply is, 1-2 hours earlier than you attain that peak excessive, with some residual THC floating round for 1-2 hours after that. So, 2-Four hours however the precise length relies upon quite a bit in your private tolerance to hashish.

For me, the excessive from dab pen session doesn’t final so long as the excessive from smoking. However, I nonetheless favor dabbing as a result of the expertise is purer and the impact is immediately tougher.

Why Does a Smoking High final Longer than a Dab High?

In a dab pen, there’s solely vaporization and no burning so all you inhale is hashish vapor. On the opposite hand, a lit joint burns the rolling paper and the pot inside it.

I think that the longer-lasting excessive from smoking is due to these ‘extras’ within the spliff. from burning your weed. The additional sluggishness that accompanies smoking classes simply reinforces my concept.

You can even discover {that a} dab session will get you excessive faster. Dabs are much more potent than buds and will definitely take you to a different stage. That is the pure THC coursing by means of your system, freed instantly from its plant jail by the proper heating temperature.

So, three takeaways in abstract: 

  • a dab pen session get you excessive sooner than a smoking session
  • the excessive from a dab pen session is shorter than a smoking session excessive
  • the longer excessive from smoking could also be brought on by unknown chemical substances

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How Long Does a Dab Pen Hit Stay in Your System?

The easy reply is: The identical period of time as smoking a bowl or utilizing a dry herb vaporizer.

The physique processes hashish on the identical pace no matter the way it enters the physique and the efficiency of the cannabinoids within the pressure. In most instances, you ought to be clear in about 1 month, nevertheless it depends upon your physique’s metabolism.

There are some issues which will have the potential to speed up the method, for instance:

  • High fluid consumption
  • Good vitamin
  • Regular train
  • Sufficient sleep

Anecdotal proof means that the correct weight-reduction plan and routine could have you ever within the clear inside 10 days. However, as a substitute of discovering a treatment for most cancers, some scientists are presently busy devising extra stringent hashish detection assessments. So, in case your police pressure bodily is in two weeks, you may need to get the flu or one thing.

Do Dab Pens Smell?

This is one other a type of widespread questions that comply with the discharge of a brand new hashish system or product.: Do dab pens odor like smoking a joint? Will the cops/my boss/mother/spouse know I’ve been vaping dabs? 

Unless you might be vaping the flavorless THC distillate then hashish dabs will odor.

On the brilliant facet, although, the quantity of odor is just not even near what a joint produces. There can be no smoke to stay to you and your garments, simply vapor which dissipates rather more quickly that means when you end a sesh it is going to be nearly undetectable.

However, the kind of focus you might be vaping and the pen you utilize make a distinction. Some waxes odor precisely like dried hashish buds so anybody who acknowledges that scent could suspect you’ve been getting excessive.

You might vape pot proper in entrance of different folks and they’ll probably suppose it’s a regular vape pen for nicotine-based liquids.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Dab Pen?

Every penny you save in your dab pen is a penny that goes in your hashish focus kitty. Unfortunately, the sheer number of system decisions could be a maze for the uninitiated. Here is what it is best to search for earlier than you set money down on a dab pen.

Coil / Oven Type

The excellent wax atomizers are made with ceramic or quartz chambers and a few have titanium coils. Ceramic and quartz warmth the extracts evenly and may help to keep away from that burnt style that cheaper pens can produce whereas titanium coils can produce a strong flavorful hit.

It is vital to go along with a good model as a result of among the cheaper manufacturers are simply that, low cost fragile ceramic or quartz and sometimes made with hazardous plastics and glues.

Ease of Use

I like a dab pen that’s straightforward to make use of, a easy ‘set the temperature and go’ kind of vape. Some issues to look out for that may make your dabbing expertise simpler are adjustable temperatures, inside focus storage compartments, built-in dab instruments, and replaceable batteries.


A dab pen is normally for out and about use, so it is very important select one that’s small, discreet and has an honest battery life. If it has sufficient battery energy to final a number of classes and you’ll nonetheless disguise it within the palm of your hand, you might be onto a winner.


A great guarantee is normally a great indicator of the standard of the system. Most respected hashish vape firms assure their merchandise for not less than 1 yr however some on our checklist under even supply a lifetime guarantee on sure parts.

Top 5 Cannabis Dab Pens

I’ve put collectively an inventory of the highest 5 dabbing pens to assist get you began. And to be sincere, the order of the gadgets is a tough information. They all have little issues right here and there that may go well with totally different folks.

#1 Mig Vapor Sol E-Nectar Collector

The Mig Vapor Sol E-Nectar dab pen is small, discreet and can simply slot in any pocket. It has a 2-in-1 operate permitting the consumer the power to make use of it as a nectar collector or a dab pen.

The pen makes use of variable voltage which is indicated by a light-weight on the system: 

Green – 3.2volts
Blue – 3.7volts
Red – 4.0volts

The Sol E-Nectar dab pen comes with 2 choices for dabbing your wax, a quartz atomizer, and a ceramic coil.

It comes with a 400mAh Big Capacity Li-Polymer Battery which fees in 2-Three hours and has the facility to warmth the vaporizer in Three seconds.

And final however not least the system has a hidden storage compartment on your focus. 

What’s to not love?

#2 Kandypens Prism+

Along with the Kandypen Prism, The Kandypens Prism+ is definitely up there with one of the best dab pens ever made. The vapor high quality produced from the system is definitely comparable with one of the best moveable gadgets.

The Kandypens Prism+ is available in a compact design at simply 4inches (10cm) tall. It is created from high-quality stainless-steel making it not solely sturdy however aesthetically interesting as properly. As properly as being accessible in each black or white.

It comes with a selection of the ceramic heating chamber or a twin quartz titanium coil all powered by a 900mAh battery. It additionally offers you, the consumer a selection of Four warmth settings – 320, 350, 390, and 430°F.

The Prism+ fairly merely, have nailed the vital half, which is vaping your concentrates,

#3 Utillian 5 Wax Pen

The Utillian 5 is an actual powerhouse of a conveyable dab pen. If you want to get a success as highly effective as one from an genuine dab rig then the Utillian 5 is as shut because it will get. 

The system comes with 2 coils. One is triple titanium, and the opposite a twisted kanthal, These are powered by a 1050mAh battery with Four energy settings that are: 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V, 2.8V.

The system itself is product of stainless-steel with an adjustable airflow on the atomizer. 

If huge heavy clouds are your factor and also you don’t thoughts sacrificing on taste a bit of then the Utillian 5 is certainly for you. It is an distinctive worth for the cash.

#4 Kandypens Crystal

The Kandypen Crystal options and all quartz heating system with a glass mouthpiece offering easy hits and intense flavors.

The system is constructed of medical-grade stainless-steel and includes a highly effective 900mAh sub-ohm battery.  

The Kandypens Crystal has Four warmth settings (2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, 4.2V) and the two click on sesh mode, leaving you with loads of choices.

Standing at solely 10cm tall the Kandypen Crystal is a must have if you’re on the transfer and wish to remain discreet.

#5 Linx Blaze

The Linx Vapor produces numerous hashish vaporizers however the Linx Blaze Extract vape is the top-level system they provide. It is available in at a premium value however the fee is greater than warranted. 

The Linx Blaze is constructed of medical-grade stainless-steel and comes with coil-less atomizers that are additionally product of medical-grade ceramic or quartz. 

The Ace Atomizer delivers an extended lifespan whereas the Zero heats up immediately and delivers wonderful taste. This can be helped by their signature glass mouthpiece.

The atomizers are powered by a 900mAh battery which presents Four warmth settings.

The Blaze is Four inches (10cm) tall and weighs in at 72 grams and comes full with a carrying case and dab software.

The LinxVapor Blaze is a tool for the person who desires a little bit of every part from their wax pen.

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